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20+ regular cards as well as these oddball cards are in the collection. E-mail if interested.

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90 F Stars N Stripes
91 Pro Set Spanish
92 Classic NFL Board Game card
92 Pro Line Mobil Oil 9-card set
93 Fleer Fruit of the Loom
93 Heads & Tails Super Bowl
93 Legends Sports Memorabilia Insert
93 SI For Kids Insert
93 UD NFL Experience
93 Pinnacle Men of Autumn Insert
93 UD Future Heroes Insert
93 Action Packed Monday Night Football
94 Coca-Cola Monsters of the Gridiron
94 King-B Jerky Disc
94 Ditka's Picks Playing Card
94 Pinnacle Canton Bound
95 Ditka's Picks Playing Card
95 Classic Pro Line Milk Cap Card w/ Means
95 NFL Properties Back To School

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