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Author: Subject: The Amazing Amazon
Wrote the Book on the Knuckler

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posted on 4-8-2006 at 01:44 PM Reply With Quote
The Amazing Amazon

Not the river... the really important Amazon.
They've just set up a "plog", a personal blog for authors who can post just like on a blog, including reviews they've gotten for the book (HINT!) and general book and author information. This could be sort of a substitute for the knucklebook website, especially if there was no knucklebook website. Most authors won't set up a site devoted to just one book, and they often have no website at all devoted to themselves. Long ago, I discovered the magic of the internet when it comes to connecting people. So, as an additional communication tool, it's a fabulous idea.

Don't think I'll abandon the website; it's too easy to work with, and the Amazon thing will exist in addition to whatever I post here and on the book's website. And is popping up high in a variety of searches, so I'd be nuts to drop that.

Expect some duplication because some potential k-ball fans will find one and not another one. I do find features of the Amazon site pretty handy, and I'll take full advantage of it.

Due to their rules, they have to verify that I wrote the book and everything's cool with my publisher, Ivan R. Dee, and that'll take a few days. So expect it up and running later next week.

--Dave C.

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