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"I claim the title of knuckleball expert with great reluctance. I just collect all the information I can find and pass it on.
You want to hear a real expert? Talk to Phil Niekro." -- Dave Clark

Eri Yoshida, 17, drafted by Japanese pro team

Eri Yoshida, 17, drafted by a Japanese pro team (maybe we can all hope to throw like a girl)

Charlie Zink, major league debut, Aug 12th 2008

    Charlie Zink ML Debut, Fenway Park, Boston Mass. Aug. 12th, 2008

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Annabelle (Lefty) Lee pitched the first perfect game in AAGPBL history! Guess what she threw?

 From the June 4th, 1945 Life Magazine featuring the AAGPBL

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KNUCKLEBALL-101 The basics of throwing a butterfly ball.

Most Every Major Leaguer Who's Ever Thrown One... Plus A Few Others (courtesy of Scott Runstrom)

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Wanna know how it flutters? The physics, explained so ANYONE can understand!

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