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Past Oddball Item of the Month Selections (2001)


1990 Score McDonalds

1990 Score McDonald's (Idaho regional)

Barry Bonds $30, George Brett $30, Ryne Sandberg $25, Ozzie Smith $20, Robin Yount $20,
Will Clark $15, Carlton Fisk $15, Roger Clemens ExMt $10, Andre Dawson $10,
Gary Sheffield NrMt $8, Matt Williams ExMt $8, Sandy Alomar Jr. $5, Cecil Fielder ExMt $4,
Ramon Martinez $4, Benito Santiago $4, Dave Stewart $4, George Bell NrMt $3,
Kelly Gruber $3, Steve Sax $3, Julio Franco NrMt $2, Ozzie Guillen ExMt $2,
SOLD OUT: Len Dykstra, John Franco, Rickey Henderson, John Olerud


1985 Topps Mini #775 Mookie Wilson - SOLD

1985 Topps Mini cards are 10% smaller than their regular counterparts and were a test of
printing equipment never intended to make it into the hobby. Only approximately 100 of each
card exist with about 15% being blank backs. This Mookie Wilson card has a normal back.

MARCH, 2001

1994 SK Marketing David Justice wristwatch - SOLD

This 9" long wristwatch is one of the most elusive Justice collectibles out there. It features quartz
accuracy, 5 functions, and long life battery. It displays hours, minutes, seconds, month & date.
Watch is mint in near-mint package and officially licensed by the Major League Baseball Players Association.

APRIL, 2001

1983-84 Dan Marino Media Slide - SOLD

This media slide of Marino is in great condition. Slide photo is crystal clear unlike picture
above. Based on the other players in the group this came from and the teams they were on,
I approximated this to be circa 1983 or 1984. It is a rare collectible from his first years on the field.

MAY, 2001

1992 Flopps Promo cards

1992 Pro Set "Flopps" Promo cards

In 1992, Pro Set planned to release a 66-card set parodying baseball players entitled "Flopps".
Topps and MLB were none too thrilled and Pro Set gave in as they were hoping to obtain a baseball
card license from MLB. Pro Set (whose name doesn't appear on the cards) stopped production of
the cards but some test sets of 5 cards apparently found their way out the "back door".

Barry Bonds ("Barry Bones") $5.00, Lance Parrish ("Lance Perishable") $1.50
SOLD OUT: Ken Griffey Jr. ("Ken Groovy Jr."), Rickey Henderson ("Stickey Henderson"), Wade Boggs ("Wade Bugs")

JUNE, 2001

Don Mattingly 1987 Yankees Collector's Series Cup - SOLD

This cup is in great condition save for a few spots on the inside of the cup.
It features two pictures of the "Hit-Man" and a schedule of 1987 Yankees promotional events.

JULY, 2001

1997 Playoff Super Bowl Card Show Promos

1997 Playoff Super Bowl Card Show Promos

Eddie George $5.00, Marshall Faulk $5.00, Terrell Davis $3.00, Deion Sanders $3.00,
Jerome Bettis $2.00, Reggie White $2.00, Terry Allen $2.00

AUGUST, 2001

1988 Nappco NFL Pencils

1988 Nappco NFL Pencils

John Elway ("The Scrambler") $6.00, Dan Marino ("The Pure Passer") $6.00, Jerry Rice ("Mr. Receiver") $4.00,
Reggie White ("Mr. Sack") $2.00, Howie Long ("The Mean Machine") S/O


1990 Donruss Learning Series

1990 Donruss Learning Series

Ken Griffey Jr. $5.00, Cal Ripken Jr. $4.00, Nolan Ryan $4.00, Don Mattingly $3.00, Rickey Henderson $2.00,
Kirby Puckett $2.50, Ryne Sandberg DK $2.00, Wade Boggs $1.50, George Brett DK $1.50,
Tony Gwynn $1.50, Edgar Martinez $1.50, Ozzie Smith $1.50, Jim Abbott $1.00, Jose Canseco $1.00,
Will Clark $1.00, Tom Glavine $1.00, Robin Yount $1.00; For others see player's listing or The Scrap Pile


Stars & Stripes Cap

Show Your Support

Stand heads above the crowd with this patriotic stars and stripes ballcap! Made of flag-like material,
the stars are densely embroidered and the stripes are individually sewn. 100% cotton, colorfast,
with an adjustable strap. One size fits all. Offered in association with Catalog City.

More Info / Ordering Instructions


20 Professionally-Shot Slides of Barry Bonds - SOLD

These are original color slides, not duplicates. They were taken for the Star Co.
for use in their card sets. Many, if not all, of the photos made it into Bonds sets
including the 1991 Star Co. Gold Barry Bonds set. All photos are crisp and clear!
A unique item for your collection of baseball's single-season HR king!


1981-82 Philip Morris Champions of American Sport inserts

1981-82 Philip Morris Champions of American Sport inserts

Muhammad Ali $15, Jack Nicklaus $15, Joe Namath $15, Willie Mays $10,
Bill Russell $10, Bobby Hull $8, Sandy Koufax $8, Johnny Unitas $8, Arthur Ashe $6,
A.J. Foyt $6, Knute Rockne $6, Joe Louis $4, Peggy Fleming $3, Casey Stengel $3,
Willie Shoemaker $2, Eric Heiden $1, Bob Mathias $1, Jim Ryun $1

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