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Boss: The Mike Bossy Story, by Mike Bossy & Barry Meisel

NEWMartin Brodeur (Ice Hockey Legends), by Robert Schnakenberg
Martin Brodeur (Grolier All-Pro Biographies)

Phil and Tony Esposito, by Charles Morse & Ann Morse
Phil Esposito, The Big Bruin, by Julian May
Sports Hero, Phil Esposito, by Marshall Burchard

Fury; Inside the Life of Theoren Fleury, by Andrew Malcolm

Wayne Gretzky's Train to Win [VHS]
Gretzky - The Great One & The Next Ones [VHS]
Gretzky: Above & Beyond [VHS]
Wayne Gretzky All-Star Hockey [VHS]
Gretzky: An Autobiography
Sports Great Wayne Gretzky (Sports Great Books), by Ken Rappoport
Wayne Gretzky (Ice Hockey Legends), by Josh Wilker
On the Ice With Wayne Gretzky, by Matt Christopher
Quotations on the Great One: The Little Book of Wayne Gretzky (Little Red Book), by Allan Safarik
Wayne Gretzky, by Steve Hanks
Wayne Gretzky (Sports Superstars), by Richard Rambeck
Wayne Gretzky: Star Center (Sports Reports), by Fortunato Frank & Frank Fortunato
Wayne Gretzky, Hockey Great (The Achievers), by Thomas R. Raber
The Great Gretzky, by Stan Fischler
The Great Gretzky, by Terry Jones
Gretzky: From Backyard Rink to the Stanley Cup, by Walter Gretzky & Jim Taylor
Gretzky! Gretzky! Gretzky, by Meguido Zola
Picture Story of Wayne Gretzky, by Jim Benagh
Wayne Gretzky
Wayne Gretzky, by Howard M. Gelfand
Wayne Gretzky (Sports Star), by S.H. Burchard
Wayne Gretzky: Countdown to Immortality, by Barry Wilner
Wayne Gretzky: Magician on the Ice (The Winning Spirit), by Aleksandrs Rozens
Wayne Gretzky: Portrait of a Hockey Player, by Craig Wolff
Wayne Gretzky: The Authorized Pictoral Biography, by Jim Taylor
Wayne Gretzky: The Great Gretzky, by Bert Rosenthal
Call Me Gretzky! (The No Stars, No 3), by Jim O'Connor, et al

Here's Howe-Stickhandling & Passing [VHS], by Gordie Howe
Hockey: Power Skating [VHS], by Gordie Howe
Hockey: Shooting [VHS], by Gordie Howe
Hockey: Conditioning & Coaching [VHS], by Gordie Howe
Hockey: Defense [VHS], by Gordie Howe
Hockey: Forwards [VHS], by Gordie Howe
Hockey: Goaltending [VHS], by Gordie Howe
Let's Play Hockey, by Gordie Howe
Motor City Muscle, by Stan Fischler
And ...Howe!: An Authorized Autobiography
Gordie Howe, by Larry Batson
Gordie Howe, by Stan Fischler
Mr. Hockey: The World of Gordie Howe, by Don O'Reilly
Gordie: A Hockey Legend: An Unauthorized Biography of Gordie Howe, by Roy MacSkimming

Bobby Hull's Hockey Made Easy, by Bobby Hull & Roy Nelson
Bobby Hull: Hockey's Golden Jet, by Julian May
Bobby Hull: The Golden Jet, by Ted Zalewski
Bobby Hull, Superstar, by Scott Young

Hot Shot: The Life and Career of Brett Hull, by Brett Hull
Brett, by Brett Hull
Brett Hull (Ice Hockey Legends), by Lou Friedman
Brett Hull: Hockey's Top Gun (Sports Achievers), by Margaret J. Goldstein
Brett Hull (Sports Stars), by Mark Stewart
Brett Hull (Sports Headliners), by Carl R. Green & Roxanne Ford
Hot Shot: The Life and Career of Brett Hull, by Brett Hull
Brett, by Brett Hull & Kevin Allen

Jaromir Jagr (Hockey Heroes), by Michael Harling
Jaromir Jagr (Ice Hockey Legends), by Dean Schabner

Paul Kariya: Hockey Magician (Sports Achievers), by Jeff Savage

Mario: The Mario Lemieux Story [VHS]
Mario Lemieux (Ice Hockey Legends), by Brian Tracy
Mario Lemieux (M.V.P. Most Valuable Player), by Robert Italia, et al
Mario Lemieux: Beating the Odds (Sports Achievers), by Morgan Hughes
Mario Lemieux: Best There Ever Was, by Dave Molinari, et al
Mario Lemieux: Ice Hockey Star: (Great Achievers: Lives of the Physically Challenged), by Jeff Z. Klein
Mario Lemieux: Super Mario (Sports Stars), by Ted Cox
Mario Lemieux: The Final Period, by Marc Serota, et al
Mario Lemieux: Wizard With a Puck (Millbrook Sports World), by Bill Gutman
Sports Great Mario Lemieux (Sports Great Books), by Ron Knapp
Mario Lemieux (Overcoming the Odds), by Suzanne J. Murdico

Eric Lindros (Ice Hockey Legends), by John Kreiser
Eric Lindros: Power Player (Sports Stars), by Mark Stewart
Eric Lindros (M.V.P., Most Valuable Player.), by Chris W. Sehnert
Fire on Ice, by Eric Lindros & Randy Starkman
Sports Great Eric Lindros (Sports Great Books), by Ken Rappoport
Lindros: Doing What's Right For Eric, by Daniel Poulin

Mark Messier: Leader, Champion & Legend [VHS]
Mark Messier (Ice Hockey Legends), by Barry Wilner
Mark Messier: Star Center (Sports Reports), by Michael John Sullivan & Mark Messier

Stan Mikita, Tough Kid Who Grew Up
Stan Mikita; The Turbulent Career of a Hockey Superstar, by Stan Fischler

Best of Bobby Orr [VHS]
Remembering Bobby Orr: A Celebration, by Craig MacInnis
Orr on Ice, by Bobby Orr
Bobby Orr, by Jay H. Smith
Bobby Orr (Picture Life Series), by Audrey Edwards
Bobby Orr: Fire on Ice, by Albert Hirshberg
Bobby Orr: Number Four, by N.H. Page
Bobby Orr and the Big, Bad Bruins, by Stan Fischler
The Bobby Orr Story, by John Devaney
Bobby Orr, Lightning on Ice, by Howard Liss
Bobby Orr, Star on Ice, by Julian May
Bobby Orr: My Game, by Bobby Orr
'Here comes Bobby Orr', by Robert B. Jackson
Hockey's Legend Bobby Orr (All Stars), by Jay Smith
Sports Hero: Bobby Orr, by Marshall Burchard

Manon: Alone in Front of the Net, by Manon Rh‚eaume

Patrick Roy, Great Goalie, by Morgan Hughes

Steve Yzerman: Heart of a Champion, by Joe Falls, et al

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