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Author: Subject: Get the Air Jordan 11 Space Jam 2016 Online Store

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[*] posted on 11-27-2016 at 08:20 AM
Get the Air Jordan 11 Space Jam 2016 Online Store

If not for <a href="">Cheap Jordans Retro</a> in the end of this year launched so many breath related products, I do not even realize that from the "Space Jam" release has been 20 years, 20 years for normal people, really is a very long years. Air Jordan 11 this pair of shoes have enough charm, until now I can think of the winter of 2001, in the North Gate of the Feiyu Internet cafes, on the Internet to see the Air Jordan 11 to re-engraved message, trembling feeling . In 1995, I began to seriously look at the first year of the NBA, Barcelona 1992 Olympic dream team game let me know Jordan, but really through the Japanese basketball legend Yingmuhuadao story like basketball, and began to see the NBA Time, Jordan already retired. And this time my favorite team, the young Orlando Magic. After all, there are monsters inside the general O'Neill, outside the ball style is elegant and the color is high and even the names are pleasing to the eye Penny Hardaway, and, Orlando Magic was Logo animation spike the other team. It is precisely because of the NBA, has been staring at a variety of sports news. Jordan announced that return to the NBA that year I still remember the news. If that's right, that year, I supported the Magic over the Bulls off, I do not even have to pay Jordan feel sorry - after all, magic fans, I really did not notice the foot of MJ shoes in the end is what. It touches the fourth after the end of the finals, O'Neill was dreamed of playing Mengbie forced expression so far unforgettable.
In <a href="">New Jordans 2016</a>, is the "Space Jam" 20 anniversary of the year, in the year again engraved Air Jordan 11 Space Jam, from the last engraved in 2009 for 7 years. . 1996-97 season is a very special season, Jordan returned to this season, so that the NBA from the Warring States era instantly into the Empire, in that season, it is difficult not to become the Bulls and Jordan fans. This is a almost every game can bring surprises to the team, Jordan and Pippen have enough good-looking, not to mention the team has a prototype Yingmuhuadao player, Rodman. (This feeling of surprise, in the Warriors last year who appeared again, together with the Chinese fans old friend Steve Cole's blessing, but unfortunately the finals ... ...) either for basketball itself, or comics "SlamDunk" love, so I quickly became the Bulls fans, watching more, naturally, Jordan shoes at the foot of the interest took place slowly. May be CCTV 5 sets, it may be Beijing cable station's commercials, I saw the MJ fly button high giant basket of advertising, see this pair because of the use of patent leather and look deep, very mysterious Air Jordan 11 , Could not help but wonder, this shoe has a hook than the good-looking ah! At that time on the MJ reports, in addition to television, I mostly from the "Bo" sports magazine, only the magazine's picture is relatively clear, the picture solidified Air Jordan 11 and MJ every moment, at least in 1996 All-Star Game, I have been able to clearly remember, MJ wearing a pair of pure white Air Jordan 11 playing games, this observation is not to see the TV can see, there is no network, a few Magazine on the map, enough I pondering for several weeks.
<a href="">Jordans 2017 For Sale</a>, has been rumored in some shopping malls in Beijing have sold, in short, I have not seen, Air Jordan 12 is my first pair of Jordan series of basketball shoes. Can not buy, does not mean that can not see, where I can be described as Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon School, at least in terms of shoes, there are many students is the way. I was the first three days, while the second day of a student wearing the Air Jordan 11 Concord play on the basketball court to the way it is still fresh in my memory. The most annoying is that he and I have admitted to the high school, and the pair of Air Jordan 11 do not know why the extreme strong has not bad, so stimulated the day more than three years out of thin air. I read four times "Space Jam", the reason is naturally in the big screen to see Jordan play the most fun! In this movie, I recognized two pairs of Air Jordan, Air Jordan 9 and Air Jordan 11. Air Jordan 9 is not popular in the Jordan series, but this pair of Air Jordan 9 white black and red color, but because of the film's reason, has been my heart good, and finally in 2002, asked my father bought from South Korea Busan . As for the Air Jordan 11 it, in fact, a little earlier, but compared with the Air Jordan 9, it came farther and more foreign point of the country - the United Kingdom. From the beginning of 1995, Air Jordan 11, Christmas 2001, spanning six years, I also from junior high school students, became the sophomore of the students. Everything about Air Jordan 11 obsession and resentment, in 2001, that winter, released a lot of breath. Now recall, perhaps the so-called torture, wait, is a SneakerHead most worthy of precious memories.
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