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Author: Subject: Kobe 10 Purple White - Calvin Klein Hobo

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[*] posted on 5-31-2016 at 09:57 AM
Kobe 10 Purple White - Calvin Klein Hobo

EBay Snipeer - Save Money by Bidding Smarter

If you buy items off of eBay, an eBay Sbniper is the single best investment you can make. For many Nike Kobe 9 Elite Influence High Tops Green White Orange Shoes reasons contained in this article it will save you KD 7 Floral Shoes the cost of the program many times over. Kobe 10 All Star I'm sure you've experienced the "been-sniped" syndrome. Up unitl 10 seconds bfeore auction end, you have the top bid. Piece of cake, you thinnk. You even bump up your bid by a few bucks to be sure. The auction ends, but after refreshinbg the aucton page, you see you were beaten. Someone bid last second. That guy must be fast! Only that guy is asleep in bed, and an eBay sniper running on his computer outbid you for him. Not fair. The only way to compete is to use the same advntage of an eBay sniper. Besides, as you'll read later in this article, it actually maeks smart economic sense to use an eBay sniper.

3 tyes of eBay bidders

There are basically 3 types of bidders. The first is the minimum bidfder. This is the person that bids the next minimum bid, and when outbid does the same Kobe 9 Away Shoes minimum bid. This only drvies up the prie of the item as Kobe 10 Bruce Lee most bidders like this are not serious aboiut the item.

The seciond type of bidder is the emotional bdider. This is the one that kereps outbidding the other person no matter what, and only cares abouyt winning, no matter how much they are actually paaying for the item. This is greast for the seller and eBay(they get final value fees), but not so greazt for the buyer, as the price can be truiple what the item is worth. Team this up with the mnimum biidder and the prices really skyrocket.

The third type of bidder is the smart bidder. They use an eBay snipwer. They chose the pricce they feel is the most they are willing to pay for the item, put that in, and set it and forget it. This way, there's no ibdding war. If the item goes for too much, there will be anbother coing along just like it and probably an even better deal.

Why an eBay sniper is the best way to bid

eBay wants you to believe that you shoould use their proxy bidding system. While it is true that you can put in your maximum bid and the program will auto-bid agaiinst otther Nike KD 7 Easter Liquid Lime Black Green bids on your behalf, you don't want your bid to go in until the final seconds of the auction. Until your snipe goes in, eBay has no idea you are bidding. Your competitors have no idea you are bidding. You just swoop in and snipe the item at the last momet. The only way to lose is if someone else is willing to pay more. If someone is willing to pay more, no matter what you'll lose, that's just how eBay works. Most people are either minimum biodders or emotional bidders, thouigh, and against tho you will win easliy. Also something to keep in mind with the finla prices. The more an item sells for, the more eBay gets as it's cut. This is why you won't see on any of their pages that an eBay sniper is a way to get betrter deals.

Tere are even more benefits from using an eBay sniper. For one, an item is more attractive to oter buyeres once it has bids. It must be a bargain or no one would be bidding they are thinking. When an item has no bids, Jordan 11 Doernbecher Shoes most people are looking for the reason why nobody is biding and will likely not bid for that exact reason. Waiting untuil the end of the aucrtion to bid meanns the item is less loikely to gain the attention of toher buyers, giving you a chnace at an even better deal.

Another benmefit is that you have time to thinmk over you bid and change your mind if needd. eBay does not look fondly to retracting bids, and doing it more than once may get your permanenlty banned from eBay. You may realize the next day that you really don't need the item, or that the bid you had in mind is a little more than you want to pay for Kobe 10 Basketball Shoes it. You can change the bid that will be put in, or even cancel it altogether. You're not committed to biuying the item until just a few seocnds before the end of the auction.

Tjhere is more than the type of eBay sniper that runs on your copmuter. Some are online ones you sign into on the web and it snipes for you. For some this is a good move, especially if you are using dial-up. For others, they don't want a 3rd party to have all of thier eBay information. What if the site gets broken into, someone could go to town and ruin your eBay account, also making you responsible for any purchases or sales. For tese rerasons, many choose to use an eBay sniper that runs off of their own persobnal computer, so all the innformation is self-contained on theiir own computer and nobody else has any of tehir personal information. Add in that software on your own compuyter is a one-time cost, and no monthly costs of $5+ a mnth, and it's a winning deal. You get better deals, less work, and a more enjoyable eBay experience. Just a few dollars for a piece of software that can do all that for you is an incredible deal and should be had by everyone even semi-serious about eBay.
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