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cal ripken jr
fmw3 - 1-3-2002 at 02:43 AM

i would like to know if anyone knows a value of a ripken jr. 23k gold card, made by bleachers. its the consecutive game streak card. #12031 of 36,000. also have another. its a 1995 a.l. superstars. 23k gold stamp #391 of 2131. first day of issue st. vincent and the grenadines. any info on these would be very helpfull

OddballMall - 1-3-2002 at 06:38 AM

Hi fmw. Welcome to The Card Board. I've seen the one #ed of 2131 go for just under $10. The other one is worth a good deal less I imagine because of the greater production.

Hope that helps!