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Exciting Gretzky find.. but what is it?
rkarst - 6-25-2002 at 03:18 PM

OK Believe it or not I found this being pressed in a book I bought! It is a early rookie picture of Gretzky in a post card format.. and it is signed. Any help on what it is?? What a good minimum bid whould be? I am attaching a copy.

OddballMall - 6-30-2002 at 07:13 PM

This is the postcard rkarst is referring to.

When I was converting the image it went a little haywire but this gives you a good idea of what it looks like. Any ideas guys?

glenrus - 9-10-2002 at 03:43 AM

this came in a small set of hockey cards. gretzky was listed 2 in the set. this is a larger vesion that someone used to promote something.

unfortunateely it is personalized so it is not worth a fortune. it is a vintage autograph from probalble 17 or 18 years ago.

nice auto but not worth much. start your bidding at $5.00:P

Bobby - 4-7-2003 at 05:00 PM

I would buy that....

Bobby - 4-7-2003 at 05:01 PM

I would buy that....