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Wayne Gretzky Coin..
marshallj - 4-21-2005 at 04:21 PM

Hi. I own a Wayne Gretzky coin and I have been looking for over a year now trying to find the value for it! And to my surprise, I can not find anything!! So I'm praying that you can help me maby..or even tell me another place I can go to??
I have a description of the coin for you..maby you might know what I'm talking about? :)

First side reads:
Top of coin: "National Hockey League"
Middle of coin: "OILERS"
Bottom of coin: "1979-1980"

Other side of coin reads:
Top of coin: "Edmonton Northlands"
Middle of coin: "There is a picture of 3 hockey players; Wayne Gretzky is in the middle of them"
Bottom of coin: "Coliseum"

Thats the coin there. But some people says its a madellian? It might be?? But still I think it is worth something! So if you know anything..please let me know..I don't know where elese to go and look!

Thank-you for your time.