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Kevin Greene Cards
badboy68 - 9-24-2002 at 04:43 PM

:D I'm looking for the following cards of kevin Greene:

1987 Rams Oscar Mayer #6
1990 Star-Cal decals #29
1990 Rams Smokey #5
1990 FACT Pro Set Cincinnati #167
1991 Hoby SEC Stars #59
1993 Classic TONX #48
1994 Pro Mags #17

I am also looking for any hard to find insert cards.

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UFGator - 11-12-2002 at 09:52 PM

Hi. I see you are looking for they Hoby SEC Kevin Greene card. I have a few of them. I collect ex-Florida Gator cards. Perhaps you have something to trade? If not I will sell you one.

badboy68 - 11-13-2002 at 02:53 PM

YES!!! I would love to buy a 1991 Hoby SEC Stars #59 Kevin Greene card from you! :D I will have to buy it unless you are interested in any Kevin Greene cards.
This card is one of the final cards I need to complete my Kevin Greene set! (about 800 cards)

Tim Gill