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$1.00 Card Lots!!
procards04 - 6-28-2004 at 12:09 AM

$1.00 Lot.

For $1.00 you get 1-10 cards with on the following guaranteed.

Serial Numbered
Star Rookie Card of the following players. Lebron,Portis,A-Rod,Sosa, and many more.
Super Star Cards of the following cards. Jeter,A-Rod,Clemens,N. Ryan,Iverson,M.Jordan, and many more.

If you have any questions please e-mail me at

Chi_towns_Finest01 - 8-2-2004 at 08:57 PM

where should i send the money too

procards04 - 8-3-2004 at 12:33 AM

please send to

Scott Pilcher
226 Lamb Rd.
Gilmer, TX 75644