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HELP!!!! 1989 Topps Hills Card Info needed
sarge7us - 9-3-2003 at 02:45 AM

I have a set of baseball cards in mint condition that I am trying to get info on. I am using the 2002 Standard Catalog Of Baseball Cards 11th Edition and there is no info on this set of cards. They are a set of 33 cards made by an old department store called Hills in cooperation with Topps of 1989. This is a set of Team MVP's cards. If anyone can tell me where I can find info on these cards I would appreciate it. The set of cards has a glossy full color front with Hills logo and Team MVP's at the top with a blue inner frame with a red outer frame. On the bottom is listed the Team name in white and the player's name with black print on a yellow banner. Player's position in black underneath banner. Back of card is a green background of a baseball field with player's name and bio as well as their major league batting record. See Attachment for picture of card. Let me know if anyone recognizes these cards.