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Football Secrets: Troy Aikman [VHS], by Troy Aikman
Aikman: Mind, Body, and Soul, by Troy Aikman
Things Change, by Troy Aikman, et al
101 Little Facts About Troy Aikman (101 Little Known Facts Series)
Reaching for the Stars, by Troy Aikman, et al
Sports Great Troy Aikman (Sports Great Books), by Glen MacNow
Things Change, by Troy Aikman, et al
Troy Aikman (Awesome Athletes), by Paul Joseph & Kal Gronvall
Troy Aikman (Football Legends), by Richard Rosenblatt
Troy Aikman (Sports Headliners), by Carl R. Green
Troy Aikman: All-American Quarterback (Sports Stars), by R. Conrad Stein
Troy Aikman: Quick-Draw Quarterback (The Achievers), by Joel Dippold
Troy Aikman: Star Quarterback (Sports Reports), by Dean Spiros
Troy Aikman: Super Quarterback (Millbrook Sports World), by Bill Gutman
Great Sports Heroes: Troy Aikman, by James Beckett
The Troy Aikman NFL Football Official Playbook Covers Super Nes and Sega Genesis! (Bradygames)
Head-to-head football: Troy Aikman, by David Levine

Marcus: The Autobiography of Marcus Allen, by Marcus Allen & Carlton Stowers
Marcus Allen
Marcus Allen: Super Raider, by Chris Cobbs

Steve Bartkowski Intercepted: A Game Plan for Spiritual Growth, by Dan Dehaan

Sports Great Jerome Bettis (Sports Great Books), by Stephen Majewski

Drew Bledsoe: Patriot Rifle (Superstar Football Series, 6), by Mike Shalin
Drew Bledsoe: Cool Quarterback, by Jeff Savage

It's Only A Game, by Terry Bradshaw (reader) & David Fisher
Terry Bradshaw Sings Christmas Songs for the Whole Family
Terry Bradshaw, by Sam Hasegawa
Terry Bradshaw (Football Legends), by Ron Frankl
No Easy Game, by Terry Bradshaw
The Picture Story of Terry Bradshaw, by John Devaney
Sports Hero, Terry Bradshaw (The Putnam Sports Heroes), by Marshall Burchard
Sports Stars Terry Bradshaw Super Bowl Quarterback, by Don Pierson
Terry Bradshaw, Man of Steel, by Terry Bradshaw
Terry Bradshaw, Superarm of Pro Football, by Jim Benagh

Jim Brown (Football Legends), by G. S. Prentzas & Scott Prentzas
Brown! the Sports Career of James Brown, by James Hahn
Jim Brown Runs With the Ball, by Julian May
Jim Brown: The Running Back., by Larry Klein
Jim Brown; The Golden Year 1964, by Stan Isaacs
Out of Bounds (Zebra Book), by Jim Brown & Steve Delsohn

Butkus: Flesh and Blood, by Dick Butkus & Pat Smith
Inside Defensive Football, by Dick Butkus
Stop-Action, by Dick Butkus

Dennis Byrd (Today's Heroes), by Dennis Byrd & Michael D'Orso
Rise & Walk: The Trial & Triumph of Dennis Byrd (Harperspotlight), by Dennis Byrd & Michael D'Orso

Csonka, by Bill Gutman
Larry Csonka, by Larry Batson
Larry Csonka, Power and Pride, by George Sullivan
Sports Hero: Larry Csonka, by Marshall & Sue Burchard

I'm Still Scrambling, by Randall Cunningham & Steve Wartenberg

On The Field With . . . Terrell Davis, by Matt Christopher

Eric Dickerson
Eric Dickerson, by Nancy J. Nielsen
Eric Dickerson: Record-Breaking Rusher, by Rich Roberts
On the Run, by Eric Dickerson & Steve Delsohn

Running Tough: Memoirs of a Football Maverick, by Tony Dorsett & Harvey Frommer
Sports Star: Tony Dorsett, by Sue H. Burchard
Tony Dorsett, by Marcia McKenna Biddle
The Tony Dorsett Story, by Phil Musick
Tony Dorsett, from Heisman to Super Bowl in One Year, by Dick Conrad

Elway: Champion Forever [VHS]
Elway, by John Elway, et al
In The Huddle -- with John Elway, by Matt Christopher
John Elway (Jam Sessions), by Denis Dougherty
John Elway: The Drive of a Champion, by Michael Silver
Comeback Kid, by John Elway, et al
John Elway (Football Legends), by Dan Hirshberg
John Elway (Grolier All-Pro Biographies), by Mark Stewart
John Elway: Armed and Dangerous, by Clay Latimer
John Elway (Scu-2), by T. J. Andersen
Sports Great John Elway (Sports Great Books Series), by Larry Fox

Toss: A Novel, by Boomer Esiason
A Boy Named Boomer (Hello Reader), by Boomer Esiason

Brett Favre [VHS] Brett Favre: Field General [VHS], by Brett Favre
Brett Favre: Star Quarterback (Sports Reports), by George Rekela
Brett Favre (Jam Sessions), by Terri Dougherty
Brett Favre: A Biography, by Bill Gutman
Brett Favre, by Irv Favre
Brett Favre (Football Legends Series), by Martin Mooney
Brett Favre: Huck Finn Grows Up, by Steve Cameron
Favre: For the Record, by Brett Favre & Chris Havel
Brett Favre, by Richard Rambeck
Brett Favre (Awesome Athletes), by Jill C. Wheeler
Brett Favre: Leader of the Pack (Millbrook Sports World), by Bill Gutman
Brett Favre: Leader of the Pack (Sports Stars), by Mark Stewart
Sports Great Brett Favre (Sports Great Books), by Jeff Savage

Never Say Never (Positively For Kids), by Doug Flutie & Greg Brown
Flutie, by Doug Flutie & Perry Lefko
Doug Flutie: International Football Star (Reading Power), by Rob Kirkpatrick
Doug Flutie (Avon Superstars, No. 2), by Scott Siegal

Roman Gabriel, Outstanding Pro, by Earl Gustkey

Mean Joe Greene and the Steelers' Front Four, by Larry Fox
Sports Star: 'Mean' Joe Greene, by S.H. Burchard

All the Rage: The Life of an NFL Renegade, by Charles Haley, et al

Franco Harris
Football's Powerful Runner, Franco Harris, by Thomas Braun
Franco Harris, by Don Kowet
Franco Harris: The Quiet Ironman, by James Hahn
On the Run: Franco Harris, by George Sullivan
Sports Star: Franco Harris, by S. H. Burchard

What It Takes: More Than A Champion, by Jeff Hostetler & Ron Hostetler
One Giant Leap, by Jeff Hostetler & Ed Fitzgerald

Michael Irvin (Football Legends), by Rich Rosenblatt
Michael Irvin (Grolier All-Pro Biographies), by Mark Stewart

Bo Jackson, by Bill Gutman
Bo Jackson, by Tom Raber
Bo Jackson (Overcoming the Odds), by Jon Kramer
Bo Jackson (Sports Illustrated for Kids Books), by John Rolfe
Bo Jackson: Baseball/Football Superstar (Taking Part), by Rick L. Johnson
Sports Great Bo Jackson (Sports Great Books Series), by Ron Knapp
Bo Jackson
Bo Jackson: A Star for All Seasons, by John Devaney
'Bo' Jackson (Sports Superstars/85700-067)
Bo Jackson: Playing the Games (Scholastic Biography), by Ellen Emberson White
Bo Jackson, Pro Sports Superstar (The Achievers), by Thomas R. Raber
Bo Knows Bo, by Bo Jackson & Dick Schaap
Bo Stories, by Jack Etkin

Just Give Me the Damn Ball!: The Fast Times and Hard Knocks of an NFL Rookie, by Keyshawn Johnson & Shelley Smith

Jim Kelly (Grolier All-Pro Biographies), by Mark Stewart
Jim Kelly: Star Quarterback (Sports Reports), by Leo Roth
Sports Great Jim Kelly (Sports Great Books), by Denis J. Harrington
Armed and Dangerous, by Jim Kelly & Vic Carucci

Football Winning Vince Lombardi [VHS], by Vince Lombardi
Winning Is a Habit: Vince Lombardi on Winning, Success, and the Pursuit of Excellence, by Gary R. George & Vince Lombardi
Coaching for Teamwork: Winning Concepts for Business in the Twenty-First Century, by Vince Lombardi
Lombardi, by John Wiebusch, et al
Strive to Excel: The Will and Wisdom of Vince Lombardi, by Jennifer Briggs & Vince Lombardi
Vince: A Personal Biography of Vince Lombardi, by Michael O'Brien
Vince Lombardi (Football Legends), by John Wukovits
Winning Is a Habit: Vince Lombardi on Winning, Success, and the Pursuit of Excellence, by Gary R. George & Vince Lombardi
The Vince Lombardi Story, by Dave Klein
Coach; A Season With Lombardi., by Tom Dowling
Lombardi: Winning Is the Only Thing, by Jerry Kramer
Vince Lombardi (Pendulum Illustrated Biography Series: Sports), by John N. Fago
Vince Lombardi: Football Legend, by Les Etter & Herman B. Vestal
Vince Lombardi: Memories of a Special Time, by Mike Bynum
Vince Lombardi: The Immortal Coach (Sports Close-Up Books), by Julian May
The Vince Lombardi Scrapbook, by George L. Flynn
Vince Lombardi--He Is Still With Us, by Ted Zalewski
Vincent Lombardi, Young Football Coach, by Hortense Myers
Coach Vince Lombardi's Power to Motivate [Audio], by Jerry Kramer & Dick Schaap

Tackling Life Head on: Lessons for Kids' Lives With Ronnie Lott As Coach, by Manuel J. Costa
Total Impact: Straight Talk from Football's Hardest Hitter, by Ronnie Lott & Jill Lieber

Manning, by Peyton Manning & Archie Manning, et al
Peyton Manning: Primed and Ready, by Jimmy Hyams
Peyton Manning: Rising Son (Football's New Wave), by Mark Stewart

Ace Ventura: Pet Detective (DVD)
Ace Ventura: Pet Detective (VHS)
Dan Marino (Football Legends), by Barry Wilner
Dan Marino (Grolier All-Pro Biographies), by Mark Stewart
First & Goal, by Dan Marino, et al
Marino: On the Record, by Dan Marino, et al
Dan Marino
Dan Marino, by Richard Rambeck
Dan Marino: Record-Setting Quarterback (Sports Greats (New York, N.Y.).), by Tom Owens
Dan Marino, Star Quarterback (Sports Reports), by Nick Kennedy
Dan Marino: Wonder Boy Quarterback, by Bob Rubin
Marino!, by Dan Marino & Steve Delsohn

The Joe Montana Story [VHS], by Joe Montana
Joe Montana (Beckett Great Sports Heroes), by James Beckett
Joe Montana (M.V.P.: Most Valuable Player), by Robert Italia, et al
Joe Montana: Comeback Quarterback (Achievers), by Thomas R. Raber & Nathan Aaseng
Joe Montana's Art and Magic of Quarterbacking, by Joe Montana & Richard Weiner
Joe Montana (Sports Superstars), by James R. Rothaus
Joe Montana, the Comeback Kid (Great Comeback Champions), by Jim Spence
Sports Great Joe Montana (Sports Great Books), by Jack Kavanagh
Audibles: My Life in Football, by Joe Montana & Bob Raissman
Joe Montana, by Marc Appleman
Montana, by Joe Montana & Dick Schaap
Cool Under Fire, by Joe Montana & Alan Steinberg

Randy Moss: First in Flight (Football's New Wave), by Mark Stewart

I Can't Wait Until Tomorrow ... 'Cause I Get Better-Looking Every Day, by Joe Namath
Football for Young Players and Parents, by Joe Namath
Joe Namath, by James Olson
Joe Namath (Sports Immortals), by William R. Sanford & Carl R. Green
Football's Great Quarterback, Joe Namath, by Patricia Mulrooney Eldred
Joe Namath, a Matter of Style, by Joe Willie Namath
Joe Namath, Maverick Quarterback., by Phil Berger
Joe Namath, Superstar, by Robert B. Jackson
Joe Namath: The King of Football, by James T. Olsen
Larger Than Life: Joe Namath, by Val Albrecht
Namath: My Son Joe, by Rose Namath Szolnoki
The Namath Effect, by Marty Ralbovsky
Sports Hero Joe Namath, by Marshall Burchard

Pure Payton [VHS]
Sweetness: The Courage and Heart of Walter Payton, by H&S Media
Walter Payton (Football Legends), by Philip Koslow
Payton, by Mark Sufrin
Sweetness, by Walter Payton
Walter Payton
Walter Payton, by Joe Soucheray
Walter Payton
Walter Payton, by Souchery
Walter Payton (Scu-2, Sports Closeups), by Jane Mersky Leder & Howard Schroeder
Walter Payton: Record-Breaking Runner (Sports Stars), by R. Conrad Stein
Walter Payton: The Running Machine, by Dick Conrad
Winning in Life, by Walter Payton

The Refrigerator and the Monsters of the Midway: William Perry and the Chicago Bears, by Brian Hewitt
William Perry: The Refrigerator (Sports Stars), by Andre Roberts

NEWJake Plummer: Comeback Cardinal (Superstar Football Series, 4), by Steve Schoenfeld

Interview With Jim Plunkett
Interview With Jim Plunkett, by Larry Batson
Jim Plunkett
Jim Plunkett: The Comeback Kid (Sport Stars), by Ray Buck
Jim Plunkett Story: The Saga of a Man Who Came Back, by Jim Plunkett & David Newhouse

Jerry Rice: The Ultimate Receiver [VHS]
Jerry Rice (Football Legends), by Corinne J. Naden, et al
Jerry Rice (Grolier All-Pro Biographies), by Mark Stewart
Jerry Rice: Touchdown Talent (The Achievers), by J. Edward Evans & Nathan Aaseng
Sports Great Jerry Rice (Sports Great Books), by Glenn Dickey
Jerry Rice (Sports Superstars), by Richard Rambeck
Jerry Rice: Record-Setting Wide Receiver (Sports Greats (New York, N.Y.).), by Tom Owens
Jerry Rice: Star Wide Receiver (Sports Reports), by Stew Thornley
Jerry Rice (Sports Illustrated for Kids), by John Rolfe
Rice, by Jerry Rice & Michael Silver

Jam Session Barry Sanders, by Teri & Denis Dougherty
Barry Sanders (Football Legends), by John F. Wukovits
Barry Sanders (Grolier All-Pro Biographies), by Mark Stewart
Barry Sanders: Football's Rushing Champ (Millbrook Sports World), by Bill Gutman
Barry Sanders: Lion With a Quiet Roar (Sports Stars), by Howard Reiser
Barry Sanders: Rocket Running Back (The Achievers), by Jack Kavanagh
Barry Sanders: Star Running Back (Sports Reports), by Nathan Aaseng
Sports Great Barry Sanders (Sports Great Books), by Ron Knapp
Barry Sanders (Sports Superstars)

Power, Money & Sex: How Success Almost Ruined My Life, by Deion Sanders, et al
Deion Sanders (Football Legends), by Bruce Chadwick
Deion Sanders (Sports Headliners), by Carl R. Green & Roxanne Ford
Deion Sanders: Mr. Prime Time (Millbrook Sports World), by Bill Gutman
Deion Sanders: Prime Time Player (Sports Achievers), by Stew Thornley
Deion Sanders: Star Athlete (Sports Reports), by Jeff Savage
Deion Sanders: This Is Prime Time, by Aaron Klein
Sports Great Deion Sanders (Sports Great Books), by Glen MacNow
Deion Sanders, Prime Time (Sports Stars), by Miles Harvey

Junior Seau (Grolier All-Pro Biographies), by Mark Stewart
Junior Seau: High Voltage Linebacker, by Terri Morgan
Junior Seau: Star Linebacker (Sports Reports), by Jeff Savage

Simms to McConkey: Blood, Sweat, and Gatorade, by Phil Simms, et al
Phil Simms on Passing: Fundamentals of Throwing the Football, by Phil Simms, et al

Juice on the Loose [VHS]
O.J. Simpson Workout W/ Behind the Scenes [VHS]
1st and Ten Vol. 1 [VHS]
1st and Ten Vol. 2 [VHS]
California V. O.J. Simpson Vol. 1 [VHS]
California V. O.J. Simpson Vol. 2 [VHS]
Court TV: O.J. Simpson Trial Vol. 1 [VHS]
Court TV: O.J. Simpson Trial Vol. 2 [VHS]
Court TV: O.J. Simpson Trial Vol. 3 [VHS]
Court TV: O.J. Simpson Trial Vol. 4 [VHS]
O.J Simpson: Rise & Fall [VHS]
O.J. Simpson Preliminary Hearings [VHS]
Question of Evidence: O.J. Simpson [VHS]
O. J.: The Education of a Rich Rookie, by O.J. Simpson
American Tragedy: The Uncensored Story of the Simpson Defense, by Lawrence Schiller & James Willwerth
Another City, Not My Own: A Novel in the Form of a Memoir, by Dominick Dunne
Beyond O.J.: Race, Sex, and Class Lessons for America, by Earl Ofari Hutchinson
Birth of a Nation'Hood: Gaze, Script, and Spectacle in the O.J. Simpson Case, by Toni Morrison & Claudia Brodsky Lacour
The Confession of O.J. Simpson: A Work of Fiction, by David Bender
Evidence Dismissed : The Inside Story of the Police Investigation of O. J. Simpson, by Tom Lange, et al
Fallen Hero/the Shocking True Story Behind the O.J. Simpson Tragedy, by Don Davis
Find O.J.: The Juice Is Loose: The Last Laugh, by Jeff Vaughn & Peter Wood
I Know You Really Want to Tell Me, but I Really Don't Want to Know: Alternate Answers and Letters to O.J.
I Want to Tell You: My Response to Your Letters, Your Messages, Your Questions, by O. J. Simpson
I'm Not Dancing Anymore, by Terri Baker, et al
In Contempt (G K Hall Large Print Book Series (Cloth)), by Christopher A. Darden & Jess Walter
Journey to Justice, by Johnnie, L. Cochran, Jr. & Tim Rutten
Lessons from the Trial: The People V. O.J. Simpson, by Gerald F. Uelmen
Madam Foreman: A Rush to Judgement?, by Armanda Cooley, et al [Audio]
O.J. Simpson: American Hero, American Tragedy, by Mark Cerasini
The O.J. Simpson Murder Case: The Story of the Mystery Woman, by Tara Persaud & Lewis Smith
The O.J. Simpson Trial (Famous Trials Series), by Earle Rice
The O.J. Simpson Trial: What It Shows Us About Our Legal System, by Nathan Aaseng
O.J. the Last Word, by Gerry Spence
O.J. Unmasked: The Trial, the Truth, and the Media, by M. L. Rantala
O.J.'s Legal Pad, by Henry Beard, et al
The Other Woman: My Years With O.J. Simpson, by Paula Barbieri
Outrage: The Five Reasons Why O.J. Simpson Got Away With Murder, by Vincent Bugliosi
The Private Diary of an O.J. Juror: Behind the Scenes of the Trial of the Century, by Michael Knox
A Problem of Evidence: How the Prosecution Freed O.J. Simpson, by Joseph Bosco
The Prosecution Responds: An O.J. Simpson Trial Prosecutor Reveals What Really Happened, by Hank M. Goldberg
Race and Justice: Rodney King and O.J. Simpson in a House Divided, by Jewelle Taylor Gibbs
Raging Heart: The Intimate Story of the Tragic Marriage of O.J. and Nicole Brown Simpson, by Sheila Weller
Reasonable Doubts: The O.J. Simpson Case and the Criminal Justice System, by Alan M. Dershowitz
Representing O.J.: Murder, Criminal Justice and Mass Culture, by Gregg Barak
The Run of His Life: The People V. O.J. Simpson, by Jeffrey Toobin & Godoff
The Search for Justice: A Defense Attorney's Brief on the O.J. Simpson Case, by Robert L. Shapiro & Larkin Warren
Shattered: In the Eye of the Storm, by Faye D. Resnick, et al
The Spectacle: Media and the Making of the O.J. Simpson Story, by Paul Thaler
Without a Doubt, by Marcia Clark & Teresa Carpenter
Football's Great Running Back, O. J. Simpson, by Ann Morse
Nicole Brown Simpson: The Private Diary of a Life Interrupted [Audio], by Faye D. Resnick & Mike Walker
O.J. Simpson
Od'd on OJ: Fresh-Squeezed Pulp from the World's Great Cartoonists, by Jerry Robinson
OJ: 101 Theories, Conspiracies and Alibis, by Peter Roberts
Trial of the Century: Obstruction of Justice: Viewpoint of a Trial Watcher, by Loretta Justice
Trial of the Century: People of the State of California Vs. Orenthal James Simpson, by Frank Schmalleger
Triumph of Justice: Closing the Book on the Simpson Saga (Random House Large Print), by Daniel M. Petrocelli & Peter Knobler
What the Hidden Monster Did to O.J. & Nicole (Locklear, Edmond, Satan & Sex Series, 2nd.), by Edmond Locklear
Before the Juice Ran Out: Reasonable Assumptions, by E. W. Rheinhardt
The Buffalo Bills: O. J. Simpson, Rushing Champion, by Jim Baker
The Juice: Football's Superstar, O.J. Simpson, by Dick Belsky
O.J., by Bill Gutman
O.J.: The Story of Football's Fabulous O.J. Simpson (Putnam Sports Shelf), by Bill Libby
O. J. Simpson, by Raymond Hill
O. J. Simpson (Picture Life Series), by Jon Jameson
O. J. Simpson (The Punt, Pass, and Kick Library; 23), by Raymond Hill
The O.J. Simpson Story: Born to Run, by Larry Fox
O.J. A to Z: The Complete Handbook to the Trial of the Century, by Clifford L. Linedecker
O.J. Simpson, by Paul J., Deegan
O.J. Simpson: Juice on the Gridiron, by Julian May
O.J. Simpson's Most Memorable Games, by Jim Baker
Sports Hero, O. J. Simpson, by Marshall Burchard

Calling the Shots: Inside the Chicago Bears, by Mike Singletary & Armen Keteyain
Singletary on Singletary, by Mike Singletary & Jerry Jenkins

Football Secrets: Emmitt Smith [VHS], by Emmitt Smith
Emmitt Smith (Awesome Athletes), by Paul Joseph
Emmitt Smith (Football Legends), by Daniel Hirshberg
Emmitt Smith (Grolier All-Pro Biographies), by Mark Stewart
Emmitt Smith: Finding Daylight (Sports Stars), by Ted Cox
Emmitt Smith: NFL Super Runner (Millbrook Sports World), by Bill Gutman
Emmitt Smith: Relentless Rusher, by Stew Thornley
Emmitt Smith: Star Running Back (Sports Reports), by Jeff Savage
The Emmitt Zone, by Emmitt Smith & Steve Delsohn
On the Field With...Emmitt Smith, by Matt Christopher
Emmitt Smith, by Richard Rambeck
Sports Great Emmitt Smith (Sports Great Books), by John F. Grabowski

Roger Staubach [VHS], by Roger Staubach
Roger Staubach: A Special Kind of Quarterback, by George Sullivan
Roger Staubach, by Jay H. Smith
Sports Hero Roger Staubach, by Marshall Burchard
Staubach: First Down, Lifetime to Go, by Roger Staubach
Time Enough to Win, by Roger Staubach

Tark!: The Sports Career of Fran Tarkenton, by James Hahn
Football's Greatest Passer, Fran Tarkenton, by Thomas Braun
Fran Tarkenton, by Jay H. Smith
Fran Tarkenton, Scrambling Quarterback, by Julian May
Fran Tarkenton: Master of the Gridiron, by Dorothy C. Schmitz
Fran Tarkenton: The Scrambler, by Bill Libby
Sports Hero, Fran Tarkenton, by Marshall Burchard
Tarkenton, by Jim Klobuchar

LT - Lawrence Taylor [VHS]
Lawrence Taylor (Football Legends), by Dan Hirshberg
LT: Living on the Edge, by Lawrence Taylor & David Faulkner
Lawrence Taylor
Lawrence Taylor (Sports Close Ups 2), by Michael E. Goodman
The Lawrence Taylor Story, by Howard Liss

Thurman Thomas: Star Running Back (Sport Reports)

Johnny Unitas [VHS], by Johnny Unitas
Johnny Unitas, by Charles Morse
Johnny Unitas and the Long Pass, by Julian May

Sports Great Herschel Walker (Sports Great Books Series), by Jim Benagh
Herschel Walker: From the Georgia Backwoods and the Heisman Trophy to the Pros, by Jeff Prugh
Herschel Walker: Sports Star, by S.H. Burchard
The Herschel Walker Story, by Jeff Prugh
Hershel Walker, by Howard M. Gelfand
There Goes Herschel, by Bill Cromartie

Kurt Warner: The Quarterback (Sports Snaps)

Reggie White: The Minister of Defense [VHS]
Reggie's Prayer - Secular [VHS]
Reggie White: Star Defensive Lineman (Millbrook Sports World), by Bill Gutman
Reggie White in the Trenches: The Autobiography, by Reggie White, et al
Reggie White: Minister of Defense, by Reggie White & Terry Hill

Youth Sports [VHS], by Steve Young
Forever Young, by Steve Young, et al
In the Huddle With...Steve Young, by Matt Christopher & S. Peters
Steve Young (Football Legends), by Hal Bock
Steve Young (Grolier All-Pro Biographies), by Mark Stewart
Steve Young (M.V.P., Most Valuable Player), by Chris W. Sehnert
Steve Young: Complete Quarterback (The Achievers), by Terri Morgan & Shmuel Thaler
Steve Young: NFL Passing Wizard (Millbrook Sports World), by Bill Gutman
Steve Young: Star Quarterback (Sports Reports), by Ron Knapp
Steve Young (Sports Superstars), by Richard Rambeck & James R. Rothaus
The Steve Young Story, by Laury Livsey

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