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Negro League Baltimore Elite Giants 1949 Road Throwback Jersey With  #28 (Roy Campanella) From Ebbets Field Flannels (Sizes Small - 2XL) Negro League Baltimore Elite Giants 1949 Road Throwback Jersey With #28 (Roy Campanella) From Ebbets Field Flannels (Sizes Small - 2XL)

To order size 3XL click here . The Elite Giants settled in Baltimore after earlier stints in Nashville; Columbus, Ohio; and Washington, DC. The great Roy Campanella (#28) caught for the Elites for 15 Seasons. His knack for handling the trick pitches common in the Negro Leagues came in handy later, when the Brooklyn Dodgers called upon him to handle their ace spitballer, Preacher Roe. Jerseys Quite simply, the real thing. Hand-crafted from genuine wool baseball flannel. Each shirt is researched, and carefully re-created using the same materials and production techniques as the original. Lettering on most models is wool felt. Some of the more expensive models (for example our 1938 Baltimore Orioles shirt) feature manual chain-stitch embroidery. The design is directly embroidered into the garment to produce a brilliant effect. Sleeve patches were another important component of vintage jerseys. They often celebrated local events like World's Fairs, or anniversaries like baseballs official centennial in 1939. During wartime, ballclubs would display patriotic shields, like the Stars & Stripes or Health patch. You will find all of these faithfully re-created here. Jersey Numbers Jersey prices include numerals, except where noted (most teams did not wear numbers prior to 1930.) We have chosen a standard number for all of our shirts, which is listed in the text for that model. You may order a different number at no extra charge, but it may slightly delay your order. NOTE: If you would like an alternate number , please write in the comments field of the order form 'I would like alternate number 5 (five) (or whatever number you want) for item number EFF-HOL-41C (or whatever the item number is you are ordering).' Jersey Sizes Sizes available are Medium (38-40) Large (42-44) XL (46-48) XXL (50-52) Smalls are available on request (allow six to eight weeks). Please note that many shirts are made to order, and take one to six weeks for delivery. All jerseys are crafted in the USA, using American materials. History of the Negro Leagues During the first half of this century, a parallel world existed in our National Pastime. This world was born out of necessity, due to the bias and ignorance of the times. It was brought into being because thousands of African American men and boys were denied the dream that was open to their white counterparts - the dream of playing Major League baseball. The world they created was replete with their own struggles, triumphs, starts, and legendary teams. It came to be know as the Negro Leagues. When we began Ebbets Field Flannels in 1987, we were determined to make some of that world come alive for others - through our uniform reproduction and our catalogs. Today, there is finally a much greater general awareness and appreciation of this important part of American history. We believe that in a modest way we have contributed to that awareness, and we are more proud of that than of anything we have achieved. Please note that this jersey is the gray jersey with Baltimore across the front on the top left of the image.

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