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Hank Aaron: Chasing The Dream [VHS]
Hank Aaron (Baseball Legends Series), by James Tackack
Hank Aaron: Home Run King (Full-Color First Books), by Jacob Margolies
Henry Aaron (Black Americans of Achievement), by Rick Rennert & Richard Zennert
I Had a Hammer: The Hank Aaron Story, by Hank Aaron & Lonnie Wheeler
Aaron, by Hank Aaron
Babe Ruth & Hank Aaron
Babe Ruth and Hank Aaron: The Home Run Kings, by James Haskins
Bad Henry: An Authorized Hank Aaron Story, by Stanley C. Baldwin
Baseball's Record Breaker: Hank Aaron, by Ann Morse
Hank Aaron Clinches The Pennant, by Julian May
Hank Aaron, by Bill Gutman
Hank Aaron, by George Sullivan
Henry Aaron: Quiet Superstar, by Albert Hirshberg
Henry Aaron, Home-Run King, by Samuel Epstein
Henry!: The Sports Career Of Henry Aaron, by James Hahn
Hitting the Aaron Way, by Hank Aaron
The man who made Milwaukee famous: a Salute to Henry Aaron, by Don Money
One for the Record: The Inside Story of Hank Aaron's Chase for the Home-Run Record , by George Plimpton
The Picture Story of Hank Aaron, by Bernice Elizabeth Young
Quiet Legend: Henry Aaron, by F.M. Milverstedt
Sports Hero: Henry Aaron, by Marshall Burchard
The up-to-date biography of Henry Aaron, Quiet Superstar, by Albert Hirshberg

Jim Abbott (Grolier All-Pro Biographies), by Mark Stewart
Jim Abbott (Overcoming the Odds), by Jon Kramer
Jim Abbott : All American Pitcher (Sports Stars), by Howard Reiser
Nothing to Prove: The Jim Abbott Story, by Bob Bernotas
Sports Great: Jim Abbott (Sports Great Books), by Jeff Savage
Jim Abbott, by Richard Rambeck
Jim Abbott (Sports Illustrated for Kids), by John Rolfe
Jim Abbott: Against All Odds, by Ellen Emerson White
Jim Abbott: Left-Handed Wonder (Reaching Your Goal), by Greg Lee
Jim Abbott: Major League Pitcher (Great Achievers: Lives of the Physically Challenged), by Norman L. MacHt & Nathaniel Moss
Jim Abbott: Beating the Odds (Taking Part Series), by Rick L. Johnson

Second to None: the Roberto Alomar Story, by Stephen Brunt

Ernie Banks, Home Run Slugger, by Julian May
Ernie Banks: Mr. Cub, by Bill Libby

Don't Call Me Joey; The Wit and Wisdom of Albert ("Joey") Belle, by Albert Belle
Albert Belle (Baseball Legends), by Dennis R. Tuttle

Best of Golf in Paradise [VHS], by Johnny Bench
Johnny Bench, by Mike Shannon
Baseball's Greatest Catcher, Johnny Bench, by Jay H. Smith
Catch You Later: The Autobiography of Johnny Bench, by Johnny Bench
From Behind The Plate, by Johnny Bench
Johnny Bench: King of Catchers , by Louis Sabin
Johnny Bench, by Robert B. Jackson
Johnny Bench, the Little General, by Bill Libby
Johnny Bench; the Young Pro, by George Heaslip
Sports Hero Johnny Bench, by Marshall Burchard
Catching and Power Hitting, by Johnny Bench

Deja Vu All Over Again [VHS]
The Story of Yogi Berra, by Gene Schoor
The Wit and Wisdom of Yogi Berra, by Phil Pepe
The Yogi Book, by Yogi Berra & Tim Thornton

Vida Blue: Coming Up Again, by Donald Kowet

Boggs!, by Wade Boggs
Wade Boggs: Baseball's Star Hitter (Taking Part), by Steve Clark
The Techniques of Modern Hitting, by Wade Boggs

Barry Bonds (Baseball Legends), by Carrie Muskat
Barry Bonds: Baseball's Complete Player (Sports Stars), by Miles Harvey
Barry Bonds: Mr. Excitement (The Achievers), by Jeff Savage
Barry Bonds (Sports Superstars), by Richard Rambeck
Sports Great Barry Bonds (Sports Great Books), by Michael J. Sullivan
Barry Bonds (Ovations), by Michael E. Goodman

Bobby Bonilla (Latinos in Baseball Series), by John Albert Torres
Bobby Bonilla, by Ken Rappaport
Sports Great Bobby Bonilla (Sports Great Books), by Ron Knapp

George Brett: A Royal Hero, by The Kansas City Star
George Brett: From Here to Cooperstown, by George Brett & Steve Cameron
Born to Hit: The George Brett Story, by Gib Twyman
George Brett: Last of a Breed, by Steve Cameron
The George Brett Story, by John Garrity
Number 5: George Brett and the Kansas City Royals (The Kansas City Star), by David A. Zeeck
Picture Story of George Brett, by George Sullivan
Sports Star: George Brett, by S.H. Burchard

Stealing is my Game, by Lou Brock

Field of Hope: An Inspiring Autobiography of a Lifetime of Overcoming Odds, by Brett Butler & Jerry B. Jenkins

Jose Canseco's Baseball Camp
Jose Canseco (Contemporary Hispanic Americans), by Bettina Ling
Jose Canseco: Baseball's 40-40 Man (Sports Achievers), by Nathan Aaseng
Jose Canseco (Sports Superstars), by James R. Rothaus

Carew, by Rod Carew
An Interview with Rod Carew, by Larry Batson
The Picture Story of Rod Carew, by Anne Marie Mueser
Rod Carew, by Larry Batson
Rod Carew (Superstars), by Batson
Rod Carew: A Promise and a Dream, by James Hahn
Rod Carew: Master Hitter, by Bill Libby
Sports Hero, Rod Carew, by Marshall Burchard
Rod Carew's Art and Science of Hitting, by Rod Carew

Steve Carlton: Baseball's Silent Strongman, by Nathan Aaseng
Steve Carlton, Star Southpaw, by Martha Eads Ward

The Gamer/an 11-Time All-Star's Inside Story of the Pain, Grit, Guts, and Glory of Life in the Majors, by Gary Carter & Ken Abraham
Gary Carter: The Kid, by Ray Buck

Sports Great: Will Clark (Sports Great Books), by Ron Knapp

Rocket Man: The Roger Clemens Story, by Roger Clemens & Peter Gammons

Roberto Clemente - Dubbed in Spanish
Pride of Puerto Rico: The Life of Roberto Clemente, by Paul Robert Walker
Roberto Clemente (Baseball Legends), by Peter C. Bjarkman
Roberto Clemente (Hispanics of Achievement), by Thomas W. Gilbert & Tom Gilbert
Roberto Clemente (Junior World Biographies: A Junior Hispanics of Achievement Book), by Norman L. MacHt
Roberto Clemente: Baseball Legend (Hispanic Heritage), by Alan West
Roberto Clemente: Baseball Superstar (Rookie Biography), by Carol Greene
The Story of Roberto Clemente, All-Star Hero: All-Star Hero (Famous Lives), by Jim O'Connor
Roberto Clemente, by Lewis Sabin
Roberto Clemente: Baseball Hall of Famer (Great Hispanics of Our Time), by Maritza Romero
Roberto Clemente: Young Baseball Hero, by Louis Sabin
We'll Never Forget You, Roberto Clemente, by Trudie Engel
Clemente, by Kal Wagenheim
Clemente!, by Kal Wagenheim
Roberto Clemente, by Charles E. Mercer
Roberto Clemente, by Kenneth Rudeen
Roberto Clemente and the World Series Upset, by Julian May
Roberto Clemente the Pride of Puerto Rico (10 to 1), by Irving Gerberg
Roberto Clemente, Batting King (Putnam Sports Shelf), by Arnold Hano
Roberto Clemente, Pride of the Pirates, by Jerry Brondfield
Roberto Clemente: The Great One, by James T. Olsen
Story of Roberto Clemente, by Jim O'Connor
Who Was Roberto? a Biography of Roberto Clemente, by Phil Musick

Cobb : A Biography, by Al Stump
My Life in Baseball: The True Record, by Ty Cobb & Al Stump
Ty Cobb, by Charles C. Alexander
Ty Cobb (Baseball Legends), by Norman L. MacHt
Ty Cobb
Ty Cobb, by John Dennis
Ty Cobb: His Tumultuous Life and Times, by Richard Bak
Ty Cobb, the Greatest, by Robert Rubin

Andre Dawson (Today's Heroes Series), by Andre Dawson & Tom Bird
Hawk; An Inspiring Story of Success at the Game of Life and Baseball, by Andre Dawson

Biography: Joe DiMaggio [VHS]
Where Have You Gone, Joe DiMaggio? [VHS]
Joe Dimaggio: The Hero's Life, by Richard Ben Cramer
Joe Dimaggio, by Herb Dunn & Meryl Henderson
Joltin' Joe Dimaggio, by Richard Gilliam & George Plimpton
Joe Dimaggio (Sports Immortals), by Carl R. Green & William Reynolds Sanford
The Dimaggio Albums, by Joe Dimaggio
Joe Dimaggio: A Bio-Bibliography, by Jack B. Moore
Joe Dimaggio: An Informal Biography, by George Degregorio
Joe Dimaggio: Baseball's Yankee Clipper, by Jack B. Moore
Me and Dimaggio: A Baseball Fan Goes in Search of His Gods, by Christopher Lehmann-Haupt
Joe and Marilyn, by Roger Kahn
Joe DiMaggio: The Golden Year, 1941, by Al Silverman
Joe Dimaggio: A Biography, by Gene Schoor
Streak: Joe Dimaggio and Summer of '41, by Michael Seidel
Where Have You Gone, Joe Dimaggio?: The Story of America's Last Hero, by Mary Allen
Joe Dimaggio Baseball Star, by Trudie Engel
Dimaggio: An Illustrated History, by Glenn Stout & Dick Johnson
Dimaggio: The Last American Knight, by Joseph Durso

Jim Eisenreich (Overcoming The Odds), by Bill Gutman

Bob Feller (Baseball Legends), by Morris Eckhouse
Now Pitching: Bob Feller, by Bob Feller

Cecil Fielder (Grolier All-Pro Biographies), by Mark Stewart

Carlton Fisk: The Catcher Who Changed 'Sox', by Ray Buck
Fisk of Fenway Park: New England's Favorite Catcher, by Robert B. Jackson

Slick: My Life in and Around Baseball, by Whitey Ford and Phil Pepe

Jimmie Foxx: The Pride of Sudlersville (American Sports History Series, No. 11), by Mark R. Millikin
Jimmie Foxx: The Life and Times of a Baseball Hall of Famer, 1907-1967, by Harrison W. Daniel
Jimmie Foxx, by Norman L. Macht & Earl Weaver (Designer)

Andres Galarraga: The Big Cat (Sports Stars), by Mark Stewart
Andres Galarraga (Real-Life Reader Biography), by Sue Boulias

Nomar Garciaparra: Non-Stop Shortstop (Baseball's New Wave), by Mark Stewart
Nomar Garciaparra: High 5!, by Mike Shalin

Steve Garvey's Hitting System [VHS], by Steve Garvey
Steve Garvey's Hitting System/Raise Your Batting Average, Hit in Game Situations, and Solve All Your Hitting Problems, by Steve Garvey
Garvey, by Steve Garvey & Skip Rozin
Steve Garvey: Storybook Star, by Joel H. Cohen
Steve Garvey, the Bat Boy Who Became a Star (Sports Stars), by George Vass

Rawhide [VHS]
The Lou Gehrig Story [VHS]
Yankee Sluggers [VHS]
Iron Horse: Lou Gehrig in His Time, by Ray Robinson
Lou Gehrig (Baseball Legends Series), by Norman L. MacHt
Lou Gehrig: An American Classic/the Illustrated Biography, by Richard Bak
Lou Gehrig: One of Baseball's Greatest, by Van Riper Guernsey, Jr.
Lou Gehrig: The Luckiest Man, by David A. Adler
Lou Gehrig, by Richard Rambeck
Lou Gehrig, Pride of the Yankees, by Keith Brandt
Batting 1000--baseball's leading hitters: a tribute to Lou Gehrig, by Guy Curato
Lou Gehrig: A Quiet Hero, by Frank Graham
Lou Gehrig: Iron Man of Baseball, by Willard Luce
Lou Gehrig, Courageous Star, by Robert Rupin

Bottom of the Ninth, by Kirk Gibson & Lynn Henning

None but the Braves: A Pitcher, a Team, a Champion, by Tom Glavine & Nick Cafardo

Juan Gonzalez (Hispanics of Achievement), by Dennis R. Tuttle
Juan Gonzalez: Home-Run Hero (Sports Stars), by Miles Harvey
Juan Gonzalez: Juan Gone! ((Superstar Series, Baseball, 9)), by Evan Grant & Rob Rains
Juan Gonzalez: Outstanding Outfielder (Millbrook Sports World), by Bill Gutman

Dwight Gooden: Strikeout King (Sports Achievers), by Nathan Aaseng
High and Tight; The Rise and Fall of Dwight Gooden and Darryl Strawberry, by Bob Klapisch
Dr. K, by Dwight Gooden & Richard Woodley
Dwight Gooden
Dwight Gooden (Scu-2, Sports Closeups), by Matt Newman
Dwight Gooden: King of the Ks (Sports Stars), by Bert Rosenthal
The Picture Life of Dwight Gooden, by Maury Solomon
Rookie/the Story of My First Year in the Major Leagues, by Dwight Gooden & Richard Woodley

Ken Griffey Jr.: Adventures in Baseball [VHS]
Ken Griffey, Jr.: All-American Slugger Jr. (Sports Stars), by Mark Stewart
Ken Griffey, Jr.: Baseball's Best (Millbrook Sports World), by Bill Gutman
Junior: Griffey on Griffey, by Ken Griffey
Ken Griffey Junior :All-Around All-Star (The Achievers), by Barbara Kramer
Ken Griffey, Jr. (Baseball Legends)by Lois P. Nicholson & Earl Weaver
Ken Griffey, Jr.: Star Outfielder (Sports Reports), by Glen MacNow
Ken Griffey, Jr. (Awesome Athletes), by Paul Joseph
Ken Griffey, Jr.: The Kid (Sports Stars), by Howard Reiser
Ken Griffey, Jr., & Ken Griffey, Sr (Star Families), by Skip Press
Ken Griffey, Sr., and Ken Griffey, Jr.: Father and Son Teammates (Millbrook Sports World), by Bill Gutman
Ken Griffey, Jr.: Extraordinary Center Fielder (Sports Greats (New York, N.Y.).), by Tom Owens
At The Plate With Ken Griffey, Jr., by Matt Christopher
Ken Griffey, Jr. (Sports Superstars/85699-067), by James Rothaus
Ken Griffey, Jr. (Sports Illustrated for Kids), by John Rolfe
Sports Great Ken Griffey, Jr (Sports Great Books), by Peter C. Bjarkman

The Five Keys to Hitting - The King of Swing [VHS], by Tony Gwynn
The Inner Game of Baseball: Play to Win [VHS], by Tony Gwynn
Tony Gwynn's Total Baseball - V. 1 - The King of Swing [VHS], by Tony Gwynn
Tony Gwynn's Total Baseball - V. 2 - Play to Win [VHS], by Tony Gwynn
The Art of Hitting, by Tony Gwynn & Roger Vaughan
Tony Gwynn's Total Baseball Player, by Tony Gwynn
Tony!, by Tony Gwynn & Jim Geschke

Rickey Henderson: Record Stealer (The Achievers), by Ann Bauleke
Off Base: Confessions of a Thief, by Rickey Henderson & John Shea / Published 1992

If At First..., by Keith Hernandez & Mike Bryan
Pure Baseball: Pitch by Pitch for the Advanced Fan, by Keith Hernandez & Mike Bryan

Sports Great Orel Hershiser (Sports Great Books), by Ron Knapp
Orel Hershiser (Sports Headliners), by Carl R. Green
Orel Hershiser: Up Close And Personal, by Bill Horlacher
Out of the Blue: Orel Hershiser, by Orel Hershiser & Jerry B. Jenkins

Catfish: My Life in Baseball, by Jim 'Catfish' Hunter & Armen Keteyian
Catfish Hunter, by Gary Libman
Catfish Hunter: the Three Million Dollar Arm, by Irwin Stambler
Catfish, the Three Million Dollar Pitcher, by Bill Libby
Jim Catfish Hunter: Sports Star, by S.H. Burchard
The Picture Story of Catfish Hunter, by George Sullivan

Bo Jackson, by Bill Gutman
Bo Jackson, by Tom Raber
Bo Jackson (Overcoming the Odds), by Jon Kramer
Bo Jackson (Sports Illustrated for Kids Books), by John Rolfe
Bo Jackson: Baseball/Football Superstar (Taking Part), by Rick L. Johnson
Sports Great Bo Jackson (Sports Great Books Series), by Ron Knapp
Bo Jackson
Bo Jackson: A Star for All Seasons, by John Devaney
'Bo' Jackson (Sports Superstars/85700-067)
Bo Jackson: Playing the Games (Scholastic Biography), by Ellen Emberson White
Bo Jackson, Pro Sports Superstar (The Achievers), by Thomas R. Raber
Bo Knows Bo, by Bo Jackson & Dick Schaap
Bo Stories, by Jack Etkin

Say It Ain't So, Joe!: The True Story of Shoeless Joe Jackson, by Donald Gropman
Shoeless Joe Jackson (Baseball Legends), by Jack Kavanaugh

Rotisserie League Baseball [VHS], by Reggie Jackson
Inside Hitting, Reggie Jackson
Young Reggie Jackson: Hall of Fame Champion (A Troll First-Start Biography), by Andrew Woods
Mr. October, by Maury Allen
The Picture Story of Reggie Jackson, by George Sullivan
Reggie, by Reggie Jackson & Mike Lupica
Reggie: a Season with a Superstar, by Reggie Jackson
Reggie: The Autobiography, by Reggie Jackson
Reggie Jackson
Reggie Jackson (Picture Life Series), by Bill Gutman
Reggie Jackson: From Baseball Superstar to Candy Bar, by George Vass
Reggie Jackson: Slugger Supreme, by James Hahn
Reggie Jackson: Sports Star, by S.H. Burchard
Reggie Jackson: The Three Million Dollar Man, by Maury Allen
The Reggie Jackson Story, by Bill Libby
Reggie Jackson's Scrapbook, by Reggie Jackson
Reggie Jackson, All-Star in Right, by Jon C. Halter
Sports Hero: Reggie Jackson, by Marshall Burchard
Sports Star: Reggie Jackson, by Sue H. Burchard

Ferguson Jenkins: The Quiet Winner, by Stanley Pashko

The Life You Imagine: Life Lessons for Achieving Your Dreams, by Derek Jeter & Jack Curry
Derek Jeter: A Yankee for the New Millennium, by Joe Torre, Nomar Garciaparra, et al
Game Day, by Derek Jeter
Derek Jeter: Substance and Style (Baseball's New Wave), by Mark Stewart
Derek Jeter (Jam Session), by Terri Dougherty & Denis Dougherty
Derek Jeter (Real-Life Reader Biography), John Albert Torres
Derek Jeter: Shortstop Sensation (Sports Stars), by Brendan January
Derek Jeter: Surefire Shortstop, by Robert E. Schnakenberg
Jeter: Hero in Pinstripes, by New York Daily News
On the Field With... Derek Jeter, by Matt Christopher
Derek Jeter (Sports Heroes), by Kim Covert
Derek Jeter: Baseball's Best (Reading Power), by Heather Feldman
Sports Great Derek Jeter (Sports Great Books), by Ron Knapp
Derek Jeter: A Biography, by Robert Craig
Derek Jeter: Pride of the Yankees, by Patrick Giles & Peter Giles
Derek Jeter: The Yankee Kid (Superstar Series, Baseball, 1), by Jack O'Connell & Rob Rains

On the Mound With ... Randy Johnson (Matt Christopher Sports Biographies), by Matt Christopher
Randy Johnson (Sports Stars), by Mark Stewart

Walter Johnson: Baseball's Big Train, by Henry W. Thomas
Walter Johnson: A Life, by Jack Kavanagh

Mark McGwire and Chipper Jones, by J. Gelberg
Chipper Jones: A Brave Legend in the Making, by Hank Aaron

Harmon Killebrew, Baseball's Superstar, by Wayne J. Anderson

Sandy Koufax (Baseball Legends), by John Grabowski
Sandy Koufax (Sports Immortals), by William R. Sanford & Carl R. Green

'I Ain't an Athlete, Lady...': My Well-Rounded Life and Times, by John Kruk and Paul Hagen

Kenny Lofton (Sports Stars), by Mark Stewart

Greg Maddux: Master on the Mound (Millbrook Sports World), by Bill Gutman
Greg Maddux (Baseball Legends), by Norman L. MacHt
Greg Maddux: Ace (Sports Achievers), by John Albert Torres
Greg Maddux: Pitching Ace (Sports Stars), by Ted Cox
Sports Great Greg Maddux (Sports Great Books), by Stew Thornley
Greg Maddux, by Richard Rambeck
On the Mound With...Greg Maddux, by Matt Christopher

Safe at Home starring Mickey Mantle & Roger Maris [VHS]
Mickey Mantle [VHS]
Feeling Good with Arthritis starring Mickey Mantle [VHS]
American Dream Come to Life [VHS]
Mickey Mantle's Baseball Tips for Kids of All Ages [VHS]
Play Ball! with Mickey Mantle [VHS]
Mickey Mantle Day in Amsterdam, by Jim LaBate & Brian Bateman
The Mick, by Mickey Mantle
A Hero All His Life: A Memoir by the Mantle Family, by Merlyn Mantle, et al
The Illustrated History of Mickey Mantle, by Gene Schoor
Memories of the Mick, by Maury Allen, et al
Mickey Mantle (Baseball Legends), by Mark Gallagher, et al
Mickey Mantle: My Very Best Friend, by Marshall Smith
Mickey Mantle Memorabilia (Sports Collectors Digest), by Rick Hines, et al
My Favorite Summer, 1956, by Mickey Mantle & Phil Pepe
The Official Baseball Hall of Fame Story of Mickey Mantle, by Lonnie Wheeler
The Ultimate Mickey Mantle Trivia Book: A Citadel Quiz Book, by Tom Burkard
Mickey Mantle: The American Dream Comes to Life, by Mickey Mantle, et al
Explosion: Mickey Mantle's Legendary Home Runs, by Mark Gallagher
Letters to Mickey: By the Friends & Family of Mickey Mantle, by Mickey Mantle, et al
Mickey Mantle, by Sam Hasegawa
Mickey Mantle Slugs It Out, by Julian May
Mickey Mantle, by Sam Hasegawa
Baseball Greats: Mickey Mantle, by Mickey Mantle
All My Octobers: My Memories of Twelve World Series When the Yankees Ruled Baseball, by Mickey Mantle & Mickey Herskowitz
The Education of a Baseball Player, by Mickey Mantle
The Quality of Courage, by Mickey Mantle

Safe at Home starring Mickey Mantle & Roger Maris [VHS]
Roger Maris: A Title to Fame, by Harvey Rosenfeld
Maris, Missing from the Hall of Fame, by C. W. Edwards

Edgar Martinez: Patience Plays

Pedro Martinez (Latinos in Baseball Series), by Jim Gallagher
Pedro Martinez: Throwing Strikes (Superstar Series, Baseball, 8), by Mike Shalin & Rob Rains
Pedro Martinez: Pitcher Perfect (Sports Stars), by Mark Stewart
Pedro Martinez (Latinos in the Limelight), by Steve Krasner

Ramon Martinez: Master of the Mound (Sports Stars), by Mark Stewart

Matty: An American Hero: Christy Mathewson of the New York Giants, by Ray Robinson
Pitching in a Pinch or Baseball from the Inside, by Christy Mathewson
Christy Mathewson: A Game-By-Game Profile of a Legendary Pitcher, by Ronald A. Mayer

Don Mattingly
Don Mattingly (Sports Shots Collector's, Book 6), by Devra Newberger

Born to Play Ball, by Willie Mays
My Secrets of Playing Baseball, by Willie Mays
Willie Mays My Life in and Out of Baseball As Told to Charles Einstein, by Willie Mays
Willie Mays, 'Play Ball!', by Willie Mays
Willie Mays (Black American Series), by Mitch Burkhardt
Willie Mays, Young Superstar, by Louis Sabin
Say Hey: The Autobiography of Willie Mays, by Willie Mays
Willie Mays, Young Superstar, by Louis Sabin
Willie Mays: Baseball Superstar, by Samuel Epstein
Willie Mays, Most Valuable Player., by Julian May
Willie Mays, by Hano Arnold
Willie Mays, by George Sullivan
Willie's Throw, by Paul C. Metcalf
Willie's Time: A Memoir, by Charles Einstein

Race For The Record - Mark McGwire & Sammy Sosa [VHS]
At The Plate with Mark McGwire, by Matt Christopher
Mark McGwire: Home Run King (Sports Stars), by Mark Stewart
Mark McGwire: Home Run King (Sports Achievers), by Jeff Savage
The Ball: Mark McGwire's 70th Home Run Ball and the Marketing of the American Dream, by Matt Christopher
Mark McGwire: Home Run Hero, by Rob Rains
Celebrating 70: Mark McGwire's Historic Season, by Bernie Miklasz & Ron Smith
Mark McGwire: A Biography, by Jonathan Hall & Rob Meyer
Home Run Heroes: Mark McGwire, Sammy Sosa, and a Season for the Ages, by Sports Illustrated
Home Run! Mark McGwire & the Year the Records Fell, by The Associated Press
Mark McGwire: 'Slugger!' , by Rob Rains
Mark McGwire: Mac Attack, by Rob Rains
Mark McGwire; On The Record
McGwire & Sosa: A Season to Remember, by James Preller
Mark McGwire: Star Home Run Hitter (Sports Reports), by Stew Thornley
Mark McGwire and Chipper Jones, by J. Gelberg

Sports Great: Kevin Mitchell (Sports Great Books), by Glenn Dickey

Paul Molitor: Good Timing, by Stuart Broomer

Baseball For Dummies, by Joe Morgan & Dick Lally
Joe Morgan: A Life in Baseball/Includes Special Collector's Edition Baseball Card, by Joe Morgan & David Falkner
Joe Morgan, Great Little Big Man, by Joel H. Cohen
Sports Hero, Joe Morgan, by Marshall Burchard

Thurman Munson, by Thurman Munson
Thurman Munson: Pressure Player, by Bill Libby

Ask Dale Murphy, by Dale Murphy & Curtis Patton
Dale Murphy
Dale Murphy: A Gentleman (Sports Stars), by Hal Lundgren
Dale Murphy: Baseball's Gentle Giant (Reaching Your Goal Series), by Patricia Stone Martin
Dwight Gooden/Dale Murphy, by Jordan Deutsch
Murph, by Dale Murphy

Stan Musial Plays the Harmonica, by Stan Musial
Stan Musial, by John Grabowski
The Man, Stan: Musial Then ... and Now ..., by Robert M. Broeg
Stan the Man Musial: Born to Be a Ballplayer, by Jerry Lansche

Knuckle Balls, by Phil Niekro & Tom Bird
Knuckler, the Phil Niekro Story, by Wilfred Binette
The Niekro Files

Nomo: The Tornado Who Took America By Storm, by Edmon J. Rodman

Maybe I'll Pitch Forever: A Great Baseball Player Tells the Hilarious Story Behind the Legend, by David Lipman, LeRoy Satchel Paige, et al
Satchel Paige, by Lesa Ransome & James Ransome

Rafael Palmeiro: A Real-Life Reader Biography (Real-Life Reader Biography), by Barbara J. Marvis
Rafael Palmeiro: At Home with the Baltimore Orioles, by Ed Brandt

Jim Palmer's Way To Fitness, by Jim Palmer
Pitching, by Jim Palmer
Together We Were Eleven Foot Nine: The Twenty-Year Friendship of Hall of Fame Pitcher Jim Palmer and Orioles Manager Earl Weaver, by Jim Palmer & Jim Dale
Jim Palmer: Great Comeback Competitor, by Joel H. Cohen

Dave Parker: Cobra Swirl, by Ray Buck

Me and the Spitter; An Autobiographical Confession, by Gaylord Perry

Mike Piazza (Baseball Legends), by Brant James, et al
Mike Piazza: Hard-Hitting Catcher (Sports Achievers), by Jeff Savage
Mike Piazza: Phenomenal Catcher (Sports Greats (New York, N.Y.).), by Tom Owens

Kirby Puckett's Baseball Games, by Kirby Puckett
Be the Best You Can Be, by Kirby Puckett
Kirby Puckett (M.V.P., Most Valuable Player), by Bob Italia
Kirby Puckett: Fan Favorite (The Achievers), by Ann Bauleke
Puck!: Kirby Puckett: Baseball's Last Warrior, by Chuck Carlson
Kirby Puckett (Sports Superstars Series), by Richard Rambeck
Sports Great Kirby Puckett (Sports Great Books), by Nathan Aaseng
I Love This Game!: My Life and Baseball, by Kirby Puckett

2131: Cal's Moment in Time [VHS]
9 Innings with Cal Ripken, Jr., by Alex Rodriguez, Brady Anderson, et al
Cal Ripken Jr.: Baseball's Ironman (Millbrook Sports World), by Bill Gutman
Cal Ripken Jr.: Oriole Ironman (Achievers), by Stew Thornley
Cal Ripken, Jr. (Awesome Athletes), by Paul Joseph & Kal Gronvall
Cal Ripken, Jr. (Baseball Legends), by Jim Campbell
Cal Ripken, Jr.: Quiet Hero, by Lois Nicholson
Cal Ripken, Jr.: Star Shortstop (Sports Reports), by Glen MacNow
Count Me in, by Cal Ripken Jr., et al
Iron Man: The Cal Ripken, Jr. Story Vol 1, by Harvey Rosenfeld
Learning About the Work Ethic from the Life of Cal Ripken, Jr (Character Building Book), by Jeanne Strazzabosco
The Only Way I Know, by Cal Ripken, Jr. & Mike Bryan
Ripken: Cal on Cal, by Cal Ripken, et al
Sports Great: Cal Ripken, Jr. (Sports Great Books), by Glen MacNow
Cal Ripken, Jr.: All-Star Shortstop (Sports Stars), by Ray Buck

The Brooks Robinson Story, by Jack Zanger
Sports Hero: Brooks Robinson, by Marshall Burchard

Frank Robinson
Frank: The First Year, by Frank Robinson & Dave Anderson
Frank Robinson, by Larry Batson
Frank Robinson, by Russell J. Schneider
Frank Robinson: Slugging Toward Glory, by Julian May
Frank Robinson; Born Leader, by Albert Hirshberg
My Life is Baseball, by Frank Robinson
The Picture Story of Frank Robinson, by Bernice Elizabeth Young

MLB: Jackie Robinson - Breaking Barriers [VHS]
Biography: Jackie Robinson [VHS]
The Jackie Robinson Story [VHS]
The Best of Nightline - Jackie Robinson [VHS]
The Court Martial of Jackie Robinson [VHS]
Thank You, Jackie Robinson [VHS]
Black Americans of Achievement I - Jackie Robinson [VHS]
Jackie Robinson: Race, Sports and the American Dream, by Joseph Dorinson & Joram Warmund
Baseball's Great Experiment: Jackie Robinson and His Legacy, by Jules Tygiel
First in the Field: Baseball Hero Jackie Robinson, by Derek T. Dingle
Great Time Coming: The Life of Jackie Robinson, from Baseball to Birmingham, by David Falkner
I Never Had It Made: An Autobiography, by Jackie Robinson & Alfred Duckett
Jackie Robinson (Baseball Legends), by John F. Grabowski
Jackie Robinson (Black Americans of Achievement), by Richard Scott
Jackie Robinson (Junior World Biographies), by Irwin B. Bergman
Jackie Robinson (Sports Immortals), by William R. Sanford & Carl R. Green
Jackie Robinson (Trophy Chapter Book), by Kenneth Rudeen
Jackie Robinson: A Biography, by Arnold Rampersad
Jackie Robinson: An Intimate Portrait, by Rachel Robinson & Lee Daniels
Jackie Robinson: Baseball's Civil Rights Legend (African-American Biographies), by Karen Mueller Coombs
Jackie Robinson: Baseball's First Black Major Leaguer (Rookie Biographies), by Carol Greene
Jackie Robinson: He Was the First, by David A. Adler & Robert Casilla
Jackie Robinson and the Story of All-Black Baseball (A Step 4 Book--Grades 2-4), by Jim O'Connor & Jim Butcher
Jackie Robinson Breaks the Color Line (Cornerstones of Freedom), by Andrew Santella
The Jackie Robinson Reader: Perspectives on an American Hero, With Contributions by Roger Kahn, Red Barber, Wendell Smith, Malcolm X and More , by Jackie Robinson & Jules Tygiel
Jackie Robinson, Between the Baselines, by Glenn Stout & Dick Johnson
A Picture Book of Jackie Robinson (Picture Book Biographies), by David A. Adler & Robert Casilla
Stealing Home: An Intimate Family Portrait by the Daughter of Jackie Robinson, by Sharon Robinson
The Story of Jackie Robinson: Bravest Man in Baseball (Famous Lives (Milwaukee, Wis.).), by Margaret Davidson
Young Jackie Robinson: Baseball Hero (First-Start Biographies), by Edward Farrell
Baseball's Great Experiment: Jackie Robinson and His Legacy, by Jules Tygiel
Breakthrough to the Big League: The Story of Jackie Robinson (American Cavalcade), by Jackie Robinson
First in the Field: Baseball Hero Jackie Robinson, by Derek T. Dingle
The Importance of Jackie Robinson, by Arthur Diamond
Jackie Robinson
Jackie Robinson: A Life of Courage, by Keith Brandt, Marcy Ramsey
Jackie Robinson: A Life of Determination, by Deborah Woodworth
Jackie Robinson and the Breaking of the Color Barrier (Gateway), by Russell Shorto
Stealing Home: The Story of Jackie Robinson, by Barry Denenberg
Thank You, Jackie Robinson, by Barbara Cohen
Young Jackie Robinson: Baseball Hero (A Troll First-Start Biography), by Edward Farrell & Dennis Stuart
Jackie Robinson, by Harvey Frommer
Jackie Robinson, by Francene Sabin
Jackie Robinson (What Was It Like?), by Lawrence Weinberg
Jackie Robinson: A Life Remembered, by Maury Allen
Jackie Robinson: Baseball Pioneer (First Books), by Howard Reiser
Jackie Robinson: Baseball's Gallant Fighter, by Samuel Epstein
Jackie Robinson: Pro Ball's First Black Star, by James T. Olsen
Jackie Robinson of the Brooklyn Dodgers, by M. J. Shapiro
The Official Baseball Hall of Fame Story of Jackie Robinson, by Mark Alvarez
Rickey and Robinson, by Harvey Frommer
The Value of Courage: The Story of Jackie Robinson, by Spencer Johnson

Alex Rodriguez: Slugging Shortstop, by Stew Thornley

Pete Rose on Hitting: How to Hit Better Than Anybody, by Pete Rose & Peter Golenbock
Winning Baseball, by Pete Rose
Collision at Home Plate: The Lives of Pete Rose and Bart Giamatti, by James Reston
Countdown to Cobb: My Diary of the Record Breaking 1985 Season, by Pete Rose & Hal Bodley
4192!: A Celebration of Pete Rose, Baseball's Record-Breaking Hitter, by United Press International
Charlie Hustle, by Pete Rose
Hustle: The Myth, Life, and Lies of Pete Rose, by Michael Y. Sokolove
The Official Pete Rose Scrapbook, by Pete Rose
Pete Rose, by Bob Rubin
Pete Rose
Pete Rose, by James Philip Smith
Pete Rose: 'Charlie Hustle', by Ray Buck
Pete Rose: My Life in Baseball, by Pete Rose
Pete Rose: My Story, by Pete Rose & Roger Kahn
Pete Rose: They Call Him Charlie Hustle, by Bill Libby
Pete Rose, 'Mr. 300', by Keith Brandt
Pete Rose, Baseball's Charlie Hustle, by Nathan Aaseng
Sports Hero, Pete Rose, by Marshall Burchard

Babe Ruth: The Life Behind the Legend [VHS]
Biography: Babe Ruth [VHS]
The Story of Babe Ruth [VHS]
Headin' Home starring Babe Ruth [VHS]
Babe Ruth: Man, Myth, Legend [VHS]
Babe Ruth: A Family Portrait, by George Beim & Julia Ruth Stevens
Babe: The Legend Comes to Life (Fireside Sports Classic), by Robert W. Creamer
The Babe in Red Stockings: An In-Depth Chronicle of Babe Ruth With the Boston Red Sox, 1914-1919, by Kerry Keene, et al
Babe Ruth (Sports Immortals), by William R. Sanford & Carl R. Green
Babe Ruth: One of Baseball's Greatest, by Guernsey Van Riper
Babe Ruth: Sultan of Swat, by Lois Nicholson
The Babe Ruth Ballet School, by Tim Shortt
Babe Ruth's Own Book of Baseball, by George Herman Ruth
Babe Ruth, Home Run Hero, by Keith Brandt
The Curse of the Bambino, by Dan Shaughnessy
The Life That Ruth Built: A Biography, by Marshall Smelser
The Story of Babe Ruth: Baseball's Greatest Legend (Famous Lives), by Lisa Eisenberg
When Willard Met Babe Ruth, by Donald Hall
Babe Ruth, Home Run Hero (Easy Biographies), by Keith Brandt
Home Run: The Story of Babe Ruth, by Robert Burleigh
Babe Ruth, by Rae Bains
Babe Ruth (Impact Biographies), by Art Berke
Babe Ruth: His Life and Legend, by Kal Wagenheim
Babe Ruth and the American Dream, by Ken Sobol
Babe Ruth's America, by Robert Smith
Babe Ruth, Sultan of Swat, by Charles Spain Verral
Babe! the Sports Career of George Ruth, by James Hahn
My Dad, the Babe: Growing Up With an American Hero, by Dorothy Ruth Pirone & Chris Martens

Nolan Ryan's Fastball [VHS]
Nolan Ryan's 7th No-Hitter [VHS]
Nolan Ryan: The Road to Cooperstown, by Nolan Ryan, et al
Nolan Ryan: From Alvin to Cooperstown, by The Sporting News & Rob Rains
Throwing Heat, by Nolan Ryan
Covering Home: My Life With Nolan Ryan, by Ruth Ryan
Miracle Man: Nolan Ryan the Autobiography, by Nolan Ryan & Jerry Jenkins
Nolan Ryan: Strikeout King (Sports Stars), by Howard Reiser
Nolan Ryan: The Ryan Express (Taking Part), by Ken Rappoport
Nolan Ryan's Pitcher's Bible: The Ultimate Guide to Power, Precision, and Long-Term Performance, by Nolan Ryan & Tom House
The Meaning of Nolan Ryan, by Nick Trujillo
Nolan Ryan: Ageless Superstar (The Winning Spirit), by Keith Greenberg & Dick Smolinski
Nolan Ryan: The Authorized Pictorial History, by D. Kent Pingel & Jennifer Briggs
Sports Great Nolan Ryan (Sports Great Books), by William W. Lace
Nolan Ryan: Fireballer, by Bill Libby
The Other Game, by Nolan Ryan

Ryne Sandberg: The Triple Threat (Sports Stars), by Hal Lundgren
Ryno!, by Ryne Sandberg & Fred Mitchell

Deion Sanders (Football Legends), by Bruce Chadwick
Deion Sanders (Sports Headliners), by Carl R. Green & Roxanne Ford
Deion Sanders: Mr. Prime Time (Millbrook Sports World), by Bill Gutman
Deion Sanders: Prime Time Player (Sports Achievers), by Stew Thornley
Deion Sanders: Star Athlete (Sports Reports), by Jeff Savage
Deion Sanders: This Is Prime Time, by Aaron Klein
Deion Sanders, Prime Time (Sports Stars), by Miles Harvey

Ron Santo: For Love of Ivy: The Autobiography of Ron Santo, by Ron Santo & Randy Minkoff
Ron Santo, 3B, by Jim Brosnan

Mike Schmidt Study (Youth Version), by Mike Schmidt & Robert Ellis
The Mike Schmidt Study: Hitting Theory, Skills and Technique, by Mike Schmidt & Rob Ellis
Always on the Offense, by Mike Schmidt & Barbara Walder
Mike Schmidt
Mike Schmidt: Baseball's King of Swing, by Stan Hochman
Mike Schmidt: Baseball's Young Lion, by Jim Wright
Mike Schmidt: The Human Vacuum Cleaner (Sports Star), by Mike Herbert

The Art of Pitching, by Tom Seaver & Lee Lowenfish
Inside Corner; Talks With Tom Seaver, by Joel H. Cohen
Sports Star: Tom Seaver, by Marshall Burchard
Tom Seaver, by Paul J. Deegan
Tom Seaver: Baseball's Superstar, by Dick Belsky
Tom Seaver: Portrait of a Pitcher, by Malka Drucker
Tom Seaver of the Mets, by George Sullivan

Let's Play Baseball [VHS], by Ozzie Smith
Wizard, by Ozzie Smith

The Duke of Flatbush, by Duke Snider & Bill Gilbert
Duke Snider (Baseball Legends Ser.), by Peter Bjarkman

Sammy Sosa: Making History [VHS]
Race For The Record - Mark McGwire & Sammy Sosa [VHS]
Sosa: An Autobiography, by Sammy Sosa & Marcus Breton
Sosa: Una Autobiografia (Spanish Edition), by Sammy Sosa & Marcus Breton
Sammy Sosa: Smiling Slugger (Sports Achievers Biographies), by Jeff Savage
Sammy Sosa (Overcoming Adversity), by Ann Gaines
Sammy Sosa: Cubs Clubber (Sports Stars), by Caleb MacLean
At The Plate with Sammy Sosa, by Matt Christopher
Home Run Heroes: Mark McGwire, Sammy Sosa, and a Season for the Ages, by Sports Illustrated
Sammy's Season, The Sporting News
Sammy Sosa: A Biography, by Bill Gutman & Rob Meyer
Home Run! The Year the Records Fell, by The Associated Press
McGwire & Sosa: A Season to Remember, by James Preller
Heroe del Jonron: Sammy Sosa; La Historia de Sammy Sosa, by Joseph Layden
Sammy Sosa: Clearing the Vines, by George Castle
Slammin Sammy Sosa!; The Race for the Record
Sosa! Sosa!: Baseball's Homerun Hero/El Heroe Del Jonron: 2 Books in 1, by Patricia Duncan

Casey Stengel: A Splendid Baseball Life, by Richard Bak
Stengel: His Life and Times, by Robert W. Creamer
Casey! the Sports Career of Charles Stengel: The Sports Career of Charles Stengel (Sports Legends), by James Hahn, et al
Casey and Mr. McGraw, by Joseph Durso
Casey on the Loose, by Frank Deford
Casey Stengel: A Biography, by Norman MacLean
Casey Stengel, Baseball's Great Manager, by Charles Spain Verral
You Could Look it Up : the Life of Casey Stengel, by Maury Allen

Slouching Toward Fargo: A Two-Year Saga of Sinners and St. Paul Saints at the Bottom of the Bush Leagues With Bill Murray, Darryl Strawberry, Dakota Sadie and Me, by Neal Karlen
High and Tight; The Rise and Fall of Dwight Gooden and Darryl Strawberry, by Bob Klapisch
Sports Great Darryl Strawberry (Sports Great Books), by John Albert Torres & Michael John Sullivan
Darryl Strawberry, by Walter Saxon
Darryl, by Darryl Strawberry
Hard Learnin', by Darryl Strawberry & Don Gold

Sports Great Frank Thomas (Sports Great Books), by Bill Deane
Frank Thomas (Baseball Legends), by Carrie Muskat, et al
Frank Thomas (Grolier All-Pro Biographies), by Mark Stewart
Frank Thomas: Baseball's Big Hitter (Sports Achievers), by Stew Thornley
Frank Thomas: Power Hitter (Millbrook Sports World), by Bill Gutman
Frank Thomas: Star First Baseball (Sports Reports), by Dean Spiros
Frank Thomas: The Big Hurt (Sports Stars), by Ted Cox
Frank Thomas (M.V.P), by Chris W. Sehnert

Alan Trammell: Tiger on the Prowl (Sports Stars), by Barry Janoff

Fernando, by Mike Littwin
Fernando Valenzuela
Fernando Valenzuela
Fernando Valenzuela (Scu-2/Sports Close-Ups), by Carolyn Gloeckner & Howard Schroeder
Fernando Valenzuela: Screwball Artist, by Mike Littwin
Sports Star: Fernando Valenzuela, S.H. Burchard

At the Plate With ... Mo Vaughn, by Matt Christopher
Follow Your Dreams, by Mo Vaughn, et al
A Day in the Life of a Baseball Player: Mo Vaughn, by Ilene Perlman & Eric H. Arnold

Honus and Me: A Baseball Card Adventure, by Dan Gutman
Honus Wagner: A Biography, by Dennis Devaleria & Jeanne Burke Devaleria
Honus: The Life and Times of a Baseball Hero, by William Hageman
Honus Wagner: The Life of Baseball's 'Flying Dutchman', by Arthur D. Hittner

Bernie Williams: The Quiet Leader (Sports Stars), by Mark Stewart

Billy Williams' Records: a Study in Discography, by Frank Andrews
Billy: The Classic Hitter, by Billy Williams

Hitter: The Life and Turmoils of Ted Williams, by Ed Linn
My Turn at Bat: The Story of My Life, by John Underwood & Ted C. Williams
Ted Williams: A Tribute, by Jim Prime & Bill Nowlin
Ted Williams a Portrait in Words and Pictures, by Glenn Stout
The Last .400 Hitter: The Anatomy of a .400 Season, by John B. Holway
Ted Williams: A Baseball Life, by Michael Seidel
Ted Williams: The Seasons of the Kid, by Richard Cramer
Ted Williams Reader, by Lawrence Baldassaro
Ted Williams, by Edwin Pope
The Science of Hitting, by Ted Williams
The Ted Williams Hit List, by Jim Prime & Ted Williams

Ask Dave: Dave Winfield Answers Kids' Questions About Baseball and Life, by Dave Winfield
Dave Winfield, by Judy Monroe
Dave Winfield, by Gene Schoor
Dave Winfield: 3,000 and Counting
Picture Story of Dave Winfield, by Howard Liss
Winfield: A Player's Life, by Dave Winfield & Tom Parker

Yaz/Baseball, the Wall, and Me, by Carl Yastrzemski & Gerald Eskenazi
Carl Yastrzemski, by Sheppard Long

Robin Yount, by Gary Libman

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