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Advertising with The Oddball Mall is a knockout!


Think you can't afford quality advertising for your webpage? Think again!

The Oddball Mall serves an audience of sports fans 78% male and 22% female, based on orders placed. We allow you the most ad targeting options of any sports card site on the net (mix and match targeting options if you wish):

  • Target a general audience with a run-of-the-site rotation. Great for reaching a broad audience of sports fans. Price is only $2.00 per 1,000 ad impressions ($10.00 minimum spend).

  • Take your marketing campaign to the next level by targeting collectors of a specific sport! Your ads can appear only on pages focused on a specific sport or sports. Sport targeting is available for baseball, basketball, football, hockey and auto racing. Price is only $4.00 per 1,000 ad impressions ($10.00 minimum spend).

  • The ultimate ad targeting is athlete targeting. Advertise your Broncos page on The Oddball Mall's John Elway page. Advertise Barry Bonds items on the Barry Bonds page. The possibilities are endless and the response from fans can be tremendous if your message is properly targeted. Price is only $3.00 per 500 impressions ($6.00 CPM - $10.00 minimum spend).

  • Ads will always be shown at the top of the page! Jpeg or Gif banners should be at most 468 x 60 in size though exceptions can be made. Payment can be made by check, money order or PayPal. The Oddball Mall reserves the right to reject any banner it deems objectionable for any reason.

    If you are interested in circulating your ad at this site, just fill out the form below (or e-mail us). If you do not have the banner available at a web address, you can send it as an e-mail attachment to If you don't have a graphic, we can provide you with a rudimentary banner free of charge.

    Be sure not to hit your "enter" key unless you are ready to submit the form.
    It is important that your e-mail address be typed in correctly. If it is not, we will be unable to contact you.

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    units of 1,000 run-of-the-site impressions at $2.00 each
    units of 1,000 sport-specific impressions at $4.00 each
    units of 500 player-specific impressions at $3.00 each
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